2016 BEC Women in Badminton Award Winner is Lotka Lubin (Poland)

Zorika Tysiak received the award from Klavs Andreassen, Chair of BEC Women in Badminton Commission

Lotka Lubin is a Polish badminton club which consists of volunteers organizing numerous events in Poland. This year, they won the 2016 BEC Women in Badminton Award (project) based on the excellent organisation of the BEC European U17 Championships 2016 in Lubin, Poland with a very enthusiastic group of women.

Lotka Lubin is formed by 5 women: Ewa Danilewicz, Ewelina Haduch, Aneta Bilewicz, Joanna Kulik and Zorika Tysiak who are close friends with very similar interests. They are the core members of the team. There are also many other women who work at high position in Lotka Lubin such as Kamila Tworek, Agata Bończak, Olga Spiak, Ilona Wieczorek, Izabela Grygiel, Małgorzata Biadala or Joanna Czyż. All of them had worked in many different places and gained experience in different fields. With these experience and expertise, they started to think of organising events in Lubin. Their first experience with badminton has been acquired thanks to Marek Zawadka who taught them everything about badminton at the 2012 Polish Open Championships. It was from this event that Lotka Lubin was established.

Lotka Lubin core members (L-R) Aneta Bilewicz, Joanna Kulika, Martyna Kostowiecka, Zorika Tysiak, Ewa Danilewicz, Ewelina Haduch

Zorika Tysiak received the award on behalf of Lotka Lubin in Prague, Czech Republic during the 5th BEC Awards Gala on Saturday, 1st April 2017. CONGRATULATIONS again to Lotka Lubin for the contribution to the European badminton community.

Interview session for BE.tv at Prague, Czech Republic

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