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Teams triumphant, fight on
Date: 12/9/2023 1:54 PM
Published by : Sara Gonzalez Martinez (BEC)
Scotland have emerged triumphant, securing their place in the 2024 European Men’s & Women’s Team Championships, closing the qualification stage in Khirdalan, Azerbaijan. The thrill intensifies as two additional teams punch their tickets to the main event. Yet, more clashes in the qualification stage await.

While Azerbaijan closed the 2024 European Men’s & Women’s Team Championships Qualification Stage for Women’s Group 4 with Scotland qualifying, and we saw two more teams securing their ticket to Poland, the battles continue in the qualification stage. It heats up.

The final day of the 2024 European Men’s & Women’s Team Championships Qualification Stage for Women’s Group 4 unfolded with a resounding triumph in Khirdalan, Azerbaijan. The spotlight was on Scotland, securing a flawless victory against Estonia with a solid 5-0 score. 

In the earliest session of the day, Scotland's Women’s Team added another triumphing chapter to their story by qualifying. In the last edition, they won their first-ever EMWTC medal. With an impressive run through the qualification stage, the question lingers: can they translate this strength into another memorable performance in the upcoming main event?

Over in Milton Keynes, England, Men’s Group 5 gears up for an exciting finale tomorrow, while Men’s Group 3 reached its conclusion of the group stage today. The English squad delivered a powerhouse performance, sealing their ticket to the qualification on home soil. Sweden, despite notable performances this week, faced an unstoppable England. 

In Aire sur la Lys, France, Men’s Group 1 witnesses ongoing battles, extending into tomorrow. On the flip side, Women’s Group 3 has concluded their qualification journey with France securing their qualification on home turf. The French Women’s team, undefeated throughout the qualification, showcased dominance once again in their final match against Switzerland. While France’s Women’s team is yet to claim an EMWTC medal, their strong performance throughout the last few days signals readiness for the challenge that awaits in the main event next February. 

Here are the ongoing and upcoming matches of the day:

  • 3pm: Scotland vs Slovakia (Men’s, Group 5 – Subgroup 1)
  • 3pm: Israel vs Belgium (Men’s, Group 5 – Subgroup 2)
Czech Republic
  • 2pm: Czech Republic vs Austria (Men’s, Group 6 – Subgroup 1)
  • 5pm: France vs Bulgaria (Men’s, Group 1)
  • 5pm: Italy vs Slovenia (Men’s, Group 1)
  • 1pm: Ukraine vs Greenland (Women’s, Group 5 – Subgroup 2)
  • 3.30pm: Hungary vs Latvia (Men’s, Group 4)
  • 3.30pm: Netherlands vs Spain (Men’s, Group 4)
  • 1pm: Finland vs Estonia (Men’s, Group 2)
  • 6.30pm: Germany vs Malta (Men’s, Group 2)
  • 6.30pm: Germany vs England (Women’s, Group 2)

Please note that all times indicated are in CET.

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