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Humans of Shuttle Time: Antonio Molina Ortega
Date: 10/26/2023 9:26 AM
Published by : BWF
Meet Antonio Molina Ortega, a Shuttle Time Tutor from Spain.

I was always into sport. Soccer, athletics, rugby and swimming were my sports until I was introduced to badminton at the age of 17. I’d played many soccer matches in several categories by then. 

Initiation into Badminton
I was introduced to badminton during a course organised by the Seville Provincial Council and at 17 I knew that I had found the sport of my life. Since then I have gone through all possible technical levels, as player, coach, and now Technical Director, responsible for the Technification Centres at the national level. I have lived all this since 1983 and every season I look for new motivation to continue contributing to Spanish badminton.

Early Impressions
I was struck by badminton’s speed and mobility, and the equality in training and later in competition between men and women. 

For many seasons I have been part of the Teachers Staff both nationally and territorially and I have organised at least two Shuttle Time instructor courses in my province. I trained as a Level 3 Spanish Coach and I am also a Shuttle Time Tutor at an international level and a Level I and Level II Coach, plus a Level I Tutor Coach. Lately I have also been involved with the training of Para badminton coaches.

Memorable Events 
Being able to watch live training sessions with the best players from China, Indonesia and Denmark on the countless trips I have made with the Spanish national teams to these countries. The first victories of the national teams in the Mediterranean Games in Bari 1997, the qualification of the first Spaniards to the Olympic Games for the Athens Games. Also, the triumphs of my team from Club Badminton Rinconada - Sevilla and lately the collaborations with the players of the Algerian Badminton Federation who got a gold medal in the last Mediterranean Games in men's doubles.

What Badminton Means
Badminton marked a before and after in my life. When I got to know badminton I had no doubts about dedicating my whole life to this sport. I met my wife thanks to badminton and my two daughters have been on national teams. I will continue to be linked to the world of training coaches and players for Spain and those countries that request my collaboration.

What Makes Badminton Different 
Badminton is a sport with thousands of technical and tactical possibilities. It is a combat sport without any contact between the participants and it is amazing to see how fast the shuttle flies and how quickly it loses speed. Watching badminton live is quite a spectacle!

Impact of Shuttle Time 
For about 10 years, the relationship with the Andalusian College of Graduates in Physical Education has helped me initiate teachers into badminton. They are linked with the Higher Cycles of Physical Education as we seek to train new professionals teaching our sport through the Shuttle Time programme in Spain.

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