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Faroese Role Model 2021: Guðrun and Bjørg creates a safe and developing environment
Date: 1/23/2022 9:31 PM
Published by : Símun Christian Olsen (KFV)
Faroese duo Gudrun Jacobsen an Bjørg Djurhuus have been nominated as Role models of the year in their country for their efforts in promoting badminton in schools and for their support to Para badminton. Here is their story. 

Guðrun Jacobsen and Bjørg Djurhuus are often seen with rackets in their hands, and they are part of “School Games”, “Badminton in Schools (Shuttle Time)” and Para badminton.
It is Saturday morning and Guðrun Jacobsen and Bjørg Djurhuus are in their element. Para badminton training is on the schedule and it is obvious that the interplay between the coaches and the players is good.

-They have taught me an incredible amount. Both something about technical things on the court but also a lot about togetherness, says Eydna Mouritsen, who has played for five years. She is in a wheelchair, but that is no obstacle. The condition, however, is that there is someone who wants to be a coach, and they both want to, Guðrun and Bjørg.

For several years they have been enthusiasts in Faroese Para badminton, and since 2019 they have had the main responsibility for the sport in collaboration with Faroese Para sport.

- They are thorough and form a good coaching team, which creates development and sense of safety where they are, says Katrin Jacobsen from the Faroe Islands Badminton Association.

- You see, they really like it and want it. They are positive and thorough, and it's fun to be with them, says Tróndur Ravnsfjall, who is a sports consultant at Faroese Para sport.

The players seem to agree with the sports consultant because the number of participants is steadily increasing.

They grew up with rackets in hand
It is no wonder that it is precisely Guðrun Jacobsen and Bjørg Djurhuus who can be found in the badminton community.

They have both been active in the sport of badminton since they were quite young, both as players and as coaches. In addition, they have represented the Faroe Islands on the national badminton team.

- The interest definitely comes from the fact that I myself have played a lot of badminton, says Guðrun Jacobsen.

- Badminton has given me so much, and I have met so many people, and I like it so much that I want to teach as many as possible to play badminton, says the former Faroese champion.

- I think the driving force is the satisfaction that we experience when we come into the hall on a day like today and meet happy and satisfied players, says Bjørg Djurhuus.

- That we can help create a community for these players with many good experiences.

Badminton in school
In addition to Para badminton, they are both also involved in the project "Badminton behind the school wall" (aka "Shuttle Time") and in the new project "School Games", which was launched in the autumn.

This has been to the benefit and great joy of the sports teachers throughout the country, who have had the opportunity to attend courses with Guðrun and Bjørg, and to get help with the teaching itself, if there has been a need / interest for it.

- When teaching sports, it is often a little difficult to get started with badminton. When you get two experienced ladies by your side who have been playing badminton for many years, it helps a lot. Both as a teacher to get such experienced teachers in, but also for the students, it is incredibly much more fun to be taught by properly skilled badminton players, says Hans Karl Højgaard, who is a teacher at one of the largest schools in Tórshavn.

- This means that it is now easier to bring badminton in sports lessons than it otherwise would have been.

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