Shadow programme: RSL BEC Summer School
Date: 7/30/2019 8:45 AM
Published by : Aidan Jones

The Shadow Programme is part of the BEC BASIS Program, launched in 2017. The Shadow Programme provides an opportunity for Member Associations (MAs) to send an employee or retiring (or recently retired) player to BEC activities like European Championships, Coach Education/Shuttle Time Courses or the Summer School to shadow the work of key members of BEC Staff at those activities.

In July, Olesia Nikolenko from the Communications Department of the Ukrainian Badminton Federation was selected for the Shadow Programme at the RSL BEC Summer School In Podčetrtek. Badminton Europe has caught up with Nikolenko, about how it was.

BEC: How was your experience at the RSL BEC Summer School.

Nikolenko: I think that my visit to Slovenia for the Summer School has really improved my knowledge of communications and especially the way that Badminton Europe work. I have met a lot of new people, I learned new things, and I have also managed to gain another job role at my federation.

BEC: What are the tasks that you were assigned to during the Summer School?

Nikolenko: I did Facebook posts, pictures, daily video interviews, and Instagram posts/stories, as well as the final video which I produced and edited. I also helped the development department with the logistics of the event. I learned a lot about the department and what they do, as well as working with the Badminton Europe staff who taught me a lot during the week.

BEC: What have you learned from your shadowing duties in Podčetrtek?

Nikolenko: It was not too hard for me to provide and produce the content that I did, but I also worked as part of a team with Aidan Jones, who was working with me by producing the written content. I am also thankful to Badminton Europe because it allowed me to improve my photography skills. I learnt that Badminton Europe works very fast and I like the way that you work with people a lot, because you focus on people’s emotions and what they think about programmes, training and other things. I think that I could use this and take it forward for the Ukrainian Federation.

BEC: What was the part that you have enjoyed the most?

Nikolenko: The creative part of the work that I did in Slovenia was my favourite. I love to get the chance to show my creativity in videos, which is something that I think can be interesting and new to show the viewers. The biggest event that I had covered was the Congress in Kiev, but it was different because it was a big meeting whereas the Summer School was more active, it was coaches and players, it was a very interesting experience for me.

BEC: What would you say to future BEC BASIS Shadow participants?

Nikolenko: It is a great experience which has improved my skills in just ten days. I really think that people should do something like this, which is useful not only for the time being but also for the future, it can actually lead to new jobs which I managed to get at the Ukrainian Federation which involves international relationships. You can then use what you have learned in your job and also in your life.

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