“I will come back to Greve again for sure!”
Date: 6/26/2012 11:14 AM
Published by : Marie-Anne Midy

Erik Meijs (2nd from the right) of The Netherlands concluded last weekend his three-week training at the Certificated Training Centre in Greve, Denmark. He shares with Badminton Europe his overall experience and what he had learned and improved about his game.

“After my two first weeks in Greve I had to go home for a short while because I had to play the Cupfinals in The Netherlands with my team. Unfortunately we lost in the quarter final and it was not my best game, because my ankle was still in a healing process. After the weekend, on Monday 18 June, I went back to Denmark for my last training week. 

My ankle was a little better again after the weekend, so I was able to move more on the court.
Like every weeks, we started with some good warming up exercises to warm up all the muscles and to be able to have a good practise. We worked again on our own focus points and for me this worked out pretty good, much better than the first two weeks. I could really focus this time and it was nice to see some progress and results immediately.

This week the brother of Nadia Lyduch, Jonas Lyduch, joined our training group at some occasions. Jonas Lyduch is a real expert in how to learn all kinds of defence methods and the strokes in the front part of the field, so I was really happy that he was there to give me some personal advice about this. During the week I also had the opportunity to work with him on an individual basis to practise some specific points. You can tell he is good because he saw every little detail on how to make some perfect hits.
I was also happy that I could do some more physical training on court without having problems with my ankle.
On Tuesday and Thursday evening I could practise also with some club players of the Greve Strands Badmintonklub. The first day I couldn’t do many things because my ankle was a little bit thicker than normal, but the second practise I could do more.

I have said it already several times but I wanted to emphasize it again that it was very nice and stimulating to see that every player who entered the badminton hall there, young or old, was very eager to have a good training and to improve themselves.
After the last training I really felt that I improved my strokes over the three weeks. I talked with Nadia about the week and my focus points, and of course I made notes for my follow up training in the Netherlands.
Overall, in spite of my injury, those three weeks in Greve were really nice! The practises were of a very high quality, the players were nice and of course Nadia did a really good job to improve my game and I want to thank her again for this. If possible, I will come back to Greve again for sure!”

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