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Apply for Pre-Selection Camp in Vejen
Date: 9/22/2016 10:35 AM
Published by : Emma Lollike
For September 2017, the high performance-centre ‘BEC Centre of Excellence’ is scheduled to start up. In that connection, a pre-selection camp will be organized to find interested players and coaches for the centre. 

Selected players will be invited for a pre-selection training camp in Vejen, Denmark, where further evaluation will take place to short-list a final group of players. In order to be selected for the training centre, one must apply for the pre-selection camp.

The objective for the camp is to create awareness for potential players and coaches for the Excellence Centre. All Member Associations have received invitations to host the event, and selected coaches will receive personal invitations. 

Is your dream to win international titles, but are you in need of a squad and a facility to provide you with high performance training – then the BEC Centre of Excellence is just the place for you.

Now is your chance to apply for our pre-selection camp. We are seeking young and motivated players, who are prepared to be a part of the High Performance project, which might imply leaving home and moving to a foreign European country to pursue a professional career in badminton. 

Basic info about the Pre-Selection Camp:
-Dates: December 5-9, 2016
-Location: Vejen, Denmark
-Hosted by: Vejen Badminton Club in close cooperation with Badminton Denmark and Badminton Europe
-Expected arrival: Monday, Dec 5, 2016 before 3 PM
-First training session: Monday, Dec 5 at 4-7 PM
-Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday there will be two training sessions per day.
-Between the training sessions there will be talks with the players to discuss the possibility to participate in the project.
-Last training session: Friday, Dec 9 at 9-12 AM
-Expected departure: Friday, Dec 9 after lunch (3 PM)

Badminton Europe will cover the following:
-Four nights’ accommodation in a twin room including breakfast
-Lunch and dinner every day
-Monday: Dinner after first training session
-Friday: Lunch before departure
-Flights (booked by BEC)

How to apply
Player CV-forms have been sent to all Member Associations. To apply for the camp, and therefore also the training centre, the player must fill out the form in English with support and assistance from his or her Member Association. Badminton Europe will only accept CVs received from Member Associations and not from players, individually.

The player CV should be completed by a relevant coach and endorsed by the Member Association, but could also include a personal statement from the player. 

Badminton Europe reserve the right to reject players who clearly do not meet the eligibility and/or selection standards, without inviting them for assessment. Furthermore, maximum one player / pair per category per country, will be invited. 

If the ‘BEC Centre of Excellence’ is just the place for your – reach out to your national badminton federation for Player CV-form and support to apply. Make sure your federation sends your application before Thursday, October 20, 2016.

Find Plaver CV here 
Read the invitation here 

A final selection of players for the training centre will be confirmed in May 2017 and will be effective from September 1st, 2017. Player selection and the final composition of the squad will be decided at the discretion of BEC.

We are looking forward to receiving a lot of player CVs. The ‘BEC Centre of Excellence’ is an exciting project for Badminton Europe, and it is with great excitement that we commence into the final process of selecting players, coaches, and location.

With this centre and through collaboration, we wish to strengthen national training centres and the general high performance-setup across Europe; and in time improve Europe’s competitiveness in world badminton.

Applications for Excellence Centre’s location still welcome
A final location for the Excellence Centre is still not decided and Badminton Europe is currently accepting applications from all of our Member Associations. 

Invitations were send out in May 2016, and some applications have been received but the deadline is not until October 31st, 2016, and we are happy to accept even more. 

When the final host has been selected by December 2016, Badminton Europe will make an official announcement on the BEC website.

Read more about the ‘BEC Centre of Excellence’ here

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