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Lukas Aktor: Communication Officer
Date: 11/10/2023 10:05 AM
Published by : Gaia Diakhite Becerra (BEC)
Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, Lukas Aktor steps into the role of Communication Officer at Badminton Europe, infusing the team with his creativity and video expertise.

Lukas's journey into badminton began in a local club near Brøndby, creating a sense of homecoming for him. After high school, he delved into various post-production roles, contributing to reality TV shows like X Factor and Denmark’s Got Talent. His professional trajectory took an academic turn in 2019 when he pursued a bachelor’s degree in TV- and Media Management, from the School of Media and Journalism (DMJX).

His love for video communication stems from YouTube essays, where "the language of cinema and video felt natural and easy”. 

Beyond his professional pursuits, Lukas is a political nerd, movie buff, and badminton enthusiast. Introduced to the sport by his father at 9, he later transitioned from playing to avidly watching, with An Se Young standing out as his favourite player.

Drawing from his diverse background in the entertainment industry, Lukas envisions leveraging narrative strategies to engage badminton audiences effectively. "If we expect viewers to want to watch the drama unfolding on the badminton-court, they must know what the stakes are, otherwise there is no reason to watch."

In his new role as Badminton Europe's Communication Officer, Lukas places a spotlight on the athletes, emphasizing the importance of sharing exciting stories to ignite viewer interest. "I believe this is the key to Badminton succeeding in Europe, including all the 5 divisions of badminton as well as the 24 divisions of para-badminton, and beyond excited to engage the diverse badminton audience of Europe!"

In his own words, "communication doesn’t feel like work, it feels like I get to use my natural capabilities in a creative way." Lukas aims to foster a culture of inclusivity at Badminton Europe, ensuring everyone feels valued and contributing to the success of communication strategies promoting badminton across Europe.

Wishing Lukas all the success possible, and a warm welcome to Badminton Europe!
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