Happy 50th anniversary, Greenland!
Date: 11/8/2023 3:14 PM
Published by : Greenland Badminton Federation
Badminton Europe wishes the Greenland Badminton Federation a happy 50th anniversary.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Badminton Kalaallit Nunaat, also known as the Greenland Badminton Federation.

The federation's inception can be traced back to the aspirations of three to four badminton clubs in Greenland. In October 1973, with the assistance of Torsten Berg, the former President of Danish Badminton, these clubs came together to establish the federation. In the spring of 1974, the first official championship was organized as a result of their efforts. It's worth noting that an unofficial championship had already taken place in 1969, and some of the oldest local tournament is dated back to 1943. Badminton is known to be played already since 1930. This demonstrates that badminton had a significant presence in Greenland years before the formation of the federation.

Since 1973, the federation has had four presidents.

In the beginning, badminton was played in assembly halls with heights of nearly 6 meters, later transitioning to multi-purpose halls. Today, badminton is still played in the multi-purpose halls. Presently, the federation has approximately 900 registered players spread across 14 different clubs/cities. The federation annually hosts the Greenlandic Championships for both youth and seniors, attracting around 160 participants.

The federation is actively engaged in international competitions, regularly participating in events like the European Championships for both individual players and teams. The federation is also active in international meetings. In the present day, the federation employs a part-time national coach and consultant to further develop the sport in Greenland.

Since 1997, the federation has been a proud member of the Badminton World Federation and Badminton Europe Confederation. Greenland Badminton Federation extend their gratitude to both federations for their invaluable support in advancing the sport within Greenland.

On a geographical note, Greenland presents some unique challenges. The southernmost and northernmost towns with badminton are separated by a staggering 1500 kilometres, while the two largest badminton clubs find themselves 500 kilometres apart. Uniting these communities is no easy feat, as no roads link the towns. Instead, residents rely on travel options like planes, helicopters, boats, or, in special cases, even dog sledges to bridge these considerable distances.

For more information on the Greenland Badminton Federation and the latest news, visit their website or their Facebook page.
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