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Our new coach at the COE
Date: 9/15/2023 9:36 AM
Published by : Gaia Diakhite Becerra (BEC)
Vytautė Fomkinaitė, also known as Vyta, is the newest addition to our Badminton Europe family. Originally from Lithuania, Vyta brings with her a lot of experience and passion for badminton that is sure to elevate our players to new heights.

Vyta was born and raised in Kaunas, Lithuania, where she spent the majority of her life. Her journey in badminton has nonetheless already taken her to many locations “As I started to play more badminton, I participated in many tournaments, camps, and trainings in different countries”. Besides her native Lithuanian, she is fluent in English and has a good grasp of Russian. At 25 years old, Vyta is looking to gain more experience in the world of badminton coaching.

Coaching Path
Vyta's enthusiasm for coaching is admirable. She cherishes every aspect of the coaching experience; from the knowledge she gains to the incredible people she gets to meet and the diverse places the sport has taken her to. 

"I was very young when I realised that after my playing career, I wanted to become a coach, although I was not expecting it to happen so early. In high school, I already started to work as a coach with beginner children, then did my bachelor in athletic training with associate pedagogy subject and training system master studies at the Lithuanian Sports University. During the pandemic, I stopped my playing career and concentrated more on coaching. I started to work at Navickas Badminton Academy in Lithuania and participated in badminton coaching courses, one of which was Advance Badminton Education developed by Badminton Europe, where I got a lot good information and experience with the other 15 coaches. This year, in January 2023, I became the U17 Lithuanian national team coach. Finally, I joined the Badminton Europe family and became a coach here in the Centre of Excellence.”

Outside Badminton
Vyta enjoys spending time in nature, going for walks, or camping trips, and visiting cultural sites, particularly art galleries. Vyta is also a fan of dancing, eating out, and engaging in various activities with friends.

“I'm quite an active person, trying to keep myself busy all the time, so I’m rarely at home. When I want to have a more relaxing evening, I read a book or make a nice meal, also music takes a big part of my life, I listen to it whenever I can and sing when nobody is around.”

As we welcome Vyta as our new coach at the RSL BEC Center of Excellence, take a moment to watch her interview and know about her aspirations for this new period of her life.
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