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Spain, epicentre of European badminton between 2023 and 2028
Date: 4/26/2023 4:45 PM
Published by : Press Release, Spanish Badminton Federation & BEC
The Spanish Badminton Federation (FESBA) has sealed an agreement with Badminton Europe (BEC) for Spain to host eight major continental events over the next five years.

Spain is consolidating its position as one of the leading organisers of European badminton after the agreement reached by the Spanish Badminton Federation (FESBA) and Badminton Europe (BEC) for the organisation of eight major events over the next five years. This agreement will make Spain the epicentre of continental badminton.

The events that Badminton Europe has awarded to the Spanish Badminton Federation include the European Club Championships in Oviedo this year, the European Junior Championships in 2024, the European U17 Championships in 2025, the European Senior Championships and European Championships in 2026, the European Mixed Team Championships in 2027 and again the European Senior Championships and European Championships in 2028.

“Spain has been a very good host for many years. They are always a reliable partner and I think all participants like to come to Spain. We always see well organised events and we are extremely delighted that Spain has the durable plan of hosting eight major events to grow badminton in Europe,” stated BEC President Sven Serré.

The organisation of these events is a boost for the host cities and for the promotion of badminton in Spain, as many visitors will be able to watch the competitions live. In addition, millions of viewers will follow the competitions on television and streaming platforms, which will also help to promote the sport worldwide.

FESBA President Andoni Azurmendi expressed his satisfaction and pride of Badminton Europe's confidence in the organisational capacity of Spanish badminton: "We are very happy that Spain is confirmed as one of the benchmarks of European badminton. This agreement is another example of the work and dedication of the entire Spanish badminton family in promoting the sport in our country".

Azurmendi also highlighted the key role that these international events play in promoting Spanish badminton and attracting new fans. "The organisation of major events is fundamental to promote badminton in our country and to attract new fans. In addition, we are sure that these events will generate a great economic and tourist impact in the host cities, as badminton is a mass sport in many countries, especially in Asia, where the number of players and fans is in the millions".

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Spain has hosted up to 13 major international badminton events in different Spanish cities since 2001. These events have attracted athletes and fans from all over the world, making Spain one of the epicentres of world badminton.

This cycle of major events began with the celebration of the World Championships held in Seville in 2001 and in Madrid in 2006, which brought together some of the best players in the world. In 2016, Bilbao hosted the Junior World Championships, a competition that brought together promising young badminton players from around the world and served as a springboard for today's top stars.

FESBA has continued its commitment to the organisation of major events, such as the European Championships in Huelva in 2018 and the European Senior Championships in Guadalajara in the same year. In addition, the Spain Masters, which has been held in Barcelona in 2018, 2019 and 2020, and in Huelva in 2021, has established itself as one of the most important tournaments in Europe within the BWF World Tour circuit.

In 2021, Huelva would once again host another major international badminton event, hosting the World Championships and the Senior World Championships. And in 2022, Madrid and Ibiza joined the list of Spanish cities that have hosted major badminton events, hosting the European Senior Championships and the European U15 Championships, respectively. Santander also joined the list in 2022, hosting the World Junior Championships. Finally, in 2023, Madrid hosted the Madrid Spain Masters.

These events have had a very positive impact on Spanish badminton, not only because of the promotion of the sport, but also because of the economic and tourism boost they have generated in the host cities. Undoubtedly, the organisation of these major international events has placed Spain on the world badminton map, and the new agreement reached reinforces the FESBA's commitment to promoting the sport within and beyond its borders.

With many important events coming up not only this year but also in the upcoming years in Europe, there are many possibilities for Members to host key competitions on home soil. “We opened our events for bidding up until 2030. They are being allocated quite quickly at the moment, so if there are members that are interested in organizing European Championships of any category, please get in touch with us,” said BEC General Secretary Brian Agerbak.

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