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Megan Hollander: you are the best version of yourself, so make the best out of it
Date: 8/17/2020 2:25 PM
Published by : BEC staff

Number seven in the world in the Road to Tokyo rankings, Megan Hollander is in the hunt for a spot at the Paralympics. But what is it like living with her disability day to day? 

The relentless motivation and drive shown by Para athletes are an inspiration to the world. Hollander opens up about how she can achieve this and how she views her disability. 

- I do not actually see myself as a disabled woman. I only am missing a part of my arm. I can do everything myself and if I cannot do something I will try just as long until I can do it. I always say, ‘you are the best version of yourself, so make the best out of it’.

However, for Hollander, this mental toughness came over time and was a product of having a tough time growing up, as she explains. 

- Growing up I had it very tough. I got bullied all the time and could not handle that at all. That lead to a lot of crying and a big depression. But luckily, I came back stronger and rose above those bullies. 

Hollander goes onto share how she managed to overcome her personal challenge of being different from the others. The answer was picking up a racket and shuttle. 

- Badminton did not make me feel different at all. Para badminton on the other hand did. It made me realise that I am not the only one who has a disability. When I started back in 2015 that meant a lot to me because I always felt different, but not anymore.

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Need some loving

Hollander, a Dutch star Standing Upper 5 player, is now one of the top players in Europe and the world. How does she feel about herself now?

- I feel great about myself. I had a very tough three years with losing a lot of important people but somehow, I always came back stronger than I thought I was. It made me the woman I am today, and I couldn't be happier about it.

The journey that Hollander is following has clearly had a profound effect on her life, as she goes on to describe. 

- Badminton has had a great impact on me. The big depression I was talking about earlier got better once I was introduced to Para badminton. I was not the only one anymore and I saw that we are all the same, disabled or not. In the end, we all are just people who need some loving.

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