The second WiB Coaching Conference in Vejen, Denmark

Badminton Europe’s WiB Working Group organized the second Coaching Conference alongside the 2014 BEC Summer School in Vejen, Denmark. 

Christine Skropke, Vice-Chair of the Women in Badminton working group introduced the speakers to the participants and opened the conference with an overview presentation on the women representation in badminton.

Kurt Banse, German psychologist, who has long term experience in various elite sports, was the first speaker on the stage. Kurt shared great ideas during his presentation on mental training and mental strength and even involved the coaches in a few brain exercises that they could try out themselves. 

Rainer Diehl, former National coach of Belgian National Team, who currently works as a teacher at German Sport University Cologne explained about the different approach in coaching young talents and shared his own experiences of coaching children. 

4 former top players, Florentina Petre (ROU), Marie Røpke (DEN), Pi Hongyan (FRA) and Ella Diehl (RUS) took part in the conference. They presented their view on what the key is to make female players to compete at world’s top level badminton. The players have the opportunity to stay a little longer in order to practice their coaching skills while assisting the staff coaches during the 2014 BEC Summer School activities. 

"The focus on the different aspects in coaching and the special view on girls and women led us to great discussions with outstanding speakers and with the coaches of the 2014 BEC Summer School. The top players gave not only the audience an interesting insight on their own experiences" says Christine Skropke, Vice-Chair of the Women in Badminton working group.

"We have seen great presentations from the speakers. To me the most interesting part was, when Rainer explained the difference between coaching young boys or girls. I also work with young players, so I could really relate to the problems he pointed out. On the other hand it is great to have the female top players here in the sports hall assisting the staff coaches. They will work together with us, they will share their knowledge and gain more coaching experience." says Nathalie Mulders, staff coach of 2014 BEC Summer School.