Annual Delegates’ Meeting to be held in Bratislava

1/17/2013 9:46 PM | |  Manuel Røsler

The 2013 Annual Delegates’ Meeting of Badminton Europe will be held in Bratislava, Slovakia at Sheraton Hotel on 20 April 2013. The BEC ADM starts at 10.00 CET. The registration begins at 09.30. Delegates should book their travel either to Bratislava, Slovakia or to Vienna, Austria. The local organizer will also arrange a transport from Vienna airport Schwechat to Bratislava. More information on the transport issues will follow soon.

Location of the 2013 BEC ADM:
Sheraton Bratislava Hotel
Pribinova 12 • Bratislava 811 09 • Slovakia

It’s the first time that the BEC ADM will be held as a stand-alone activity. On Saturday, 20 April 2013, the first BEC Awards Gala will be held at Sheraton Hotel in Bratislava. Information on the Awards Gala will follow soon. Delegates should plan their travel from Friday to Sunday.

Badminton Europe Council also intends to have individual talks with Member Associations as a follow up to the strategic talks we had in 2011. Member Associations will be invited for such a meeting either in connection with the Annual Delegates Meeting or in connection with the BWF Annual General Meeting in May. Information is to follow by the end of January.

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