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Pressure is on at the Team Event of the #EU17C21
Date: 9/4/2021 11:26 PM
Published by : Sara Gonzalez Martinez (BEC)
With just a day to go before the big quarterfinals, players are starting to feel the pressure as teams start to stand out in the groups after two hectic days.

What a busy but fun weekend this is proving to be for all the young talents at this year’s European U17 Championships. The event that is being hosted in Podčetrtek, Slovenia is quite a special one, where the most talented amongst the young players in Europe get to show their worth but also enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the first of the events, the Team Event.

The Team Event started on Friday 3 September and after two busy days for the teams working for those key points, groups are starting to take shape hinting at what might be happening on the decisive matches. The draw for the quarter finals is to be held Sunday 3 September after all matches are done, and it will be streamed on

Russia takes the lead, and Hungary steps up
Russia are the kings of Group 1 so far. Beating Hungary 5-0 on the first day, they were looking to get yet another team win today but the Netherlands were not going to give up a point so easily. The Dutch players lost to Lithuania just yesterday 3-2, and the same result would be repeated for the team. 

The Netherlands put on a fight against Russia in women’s doubles and men’s doubles, stretching the matches for three games, but only the latter resulted in a win for the Dutch team. Hungary got off to a better start today and eventually delivered to win against Lithuania.

Some countries stay undefeated
Group 2 has a tough team to keep up with, and that is France. They have won 5-0 so far against first Ireland and then Scotland, and it remains to be seen if they can do it again against Slovenia. The team playing on home soil won against Ireland today and will have to keep up the good work tomorrow.

Group 4 is facing a similar powerful, as Denmark have defeated Luxembourg and Romania with no lost encounters. The victorious team tops their group, with Romania in second place, who yesterday performed well against Cyprus, 5-0. In Group 5, Czech Republic are doing just the same as France and Denmark, with a second win against Switzerland today that secures them an advantage. Similarly, Turkey is taking over Group 7 with their 5-0 wins against Finland today and Portugal yesterday.

Still a lot to prove before quarterfinals
Sweden and their two points have secured them a spot on the top of Group 3, with a great win against Croatia today. They will be facing Belgium tomorrow, who lost today against seconds in their group, Poland, but gave just as much of a good performance against Croatia on their first day of the event. Ukraine top Group 8 and will be facing Germany tomorrow, who got a sweeping win against Norway today after a tough loss against England.

Spain will also have to deliver, as Estonia is looming right behind them. Both teams have two points and such group goes to show that nothing has been yet decided and so much can still happen and what better way to decide their fate in the event than by playing against each other.

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