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Learning about coaching through sharing experiences
Date: 7/8/2021 10:43 PM
Published by : Sara Gonzalez Martinez (BEC)
The coach education participants at the RSL BEC Summer School have learnt a lot not just from the technical aspects of the course, but also from the international context of it.

It was practical assessment day for the BEC/BWF Level 2 Coach Education participants today but earlier on this week we talked to some of them to hear what they thought of what they had learnt so far. 

They had already delved into a wide diversity of technical topics but sharing experiences was a highlight for most of them. It is not just the players who kept in mind the importance of talking and listening to their fellow course mates’ unique styles. BEC trainer Evandros Votsis, from Cyprus, gave a similar statement to that of the course participants.

-It’s really great to have a chance to meet people from all around Europe and share our experiences. 

Different coaching philosophies
The theoretical and practical sessions of the course are, of course, an essential part of the learning process. However, the interactions between participants enhance the process. Nathan van der Bruggen from Belgium feels like he is learning a lot from the others.

-I think what I am learning from the other participants might be the most important thing. We see the technical aspects of badminton but meeting people and discovering new ways of saying things, I think all this will be the most important elements that I will be bringing back to Belgium. 

Another participant from Belgium, Marijn Put, feels the same was as van der Bruggen. They have been learning a lot from the trainers who also come from different countries, but they can also benefit from the diversity in styles from the other participants.

-Because there is so many people from all over Europe, you get a lot of different manners and ways of giving training. It’s good to learn a lot from their experience and hear what the experienced players have to share with coaches like me, Put said.

Similarly, German participant Jan Henrik Gleis points at the international atmosphere of the experience.

-I’m really enjoying the atmosphere and the community, with guys that are also originally from other countries in the world, like Malaysia and India, and hearing about their philosophy of coaching.

There are not just European participants in this edition’s BWF/BEC Level 2 Coach Education course. Some of the international course takers include Omar López from Mexico, Nishant Kauthekar from India, and Fai Yin Wong from Malaysia, who appreciates the opportunity to be learning in a European context.

- I feel really excited about the course. I’m from Malaysia, it’s a different culture in terms of coaching style. I think it is a good opportunity for me to learn the European coaching style. 

The course is therefore a melting pot of cultures and different coaching styles, something that will definitely benefit the coaches’ future. Nishant Kauthekar, who coaches in Norway, finds many advantages in this program that has many valuable similarities and differences to the methods of his native country.

-We have a different coaching style and philosophy than that of Europe. It is quite good that there is a different style and education. We usually do not experience these sorts of things in India, and I feel that the tactical and technical factors as well as the physical and mental aspects we are learning here, this is all quite important for the athletes.
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