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I can follow in his footsteps
Date: 2/12/2020 11:29 AM
Published by : Alan Raftery
The English men, number two seeds here in France, bring a youthful men’s singles line-up, with former England number one, Rajiv Ouseph, now in the coach’s chair.

The match against Greenland gave an opportunity for one of England’s youngest singles prospects, Harry Huang. After a comfortable win against Sequssuna Fleischer Schmidt, 21-12, 21-4, Huang shares how it feels to make his debut for England. 

-I was pretty nervous at the beginning as it was my first match with the seniors. In the second game, I relaxed a bit and made fewer errors. 

Being the rookie of the team brings with it some challenges, as Huang explains.

-It is pretty tough, everyone rips into me for every little thing I do, so it is kind of hard, but it is fun as well. 

-It is the first time we had to sing the national anthem, and I do not really know the words, so Greg Mairs was like the lead singer to be honest, Huang adds. 

I can learn from him
After much success at junior level, Huang discusses how playing at senior level differs.

-Yeah, I enjoy it. It is a big step up and I am glad that I am with the other top players. It is also good that Raj (Ouseph) is here to lead us, so I can hopefully follow in his footsteps. 

Asked what he can learn from the former European Champion, Huang responds.

-His calmness under pressure. His facial expression does not change, he always seems the same. That is definitely something I can learn from him. 

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