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The first Para badminton Polish Open: a great success for Polish Para badminton
Date: 1/17/2020 9:55 AM
Published by : Alan Raftery
At the base of the Tatras Mountains, lies the picturesque town of Zakopane, known as the winter capital of Poland. In late September, it hosted the first BAUKRANE Para badminton Polish Open. 

The event was organised by the Polish club UKS Orły Zakopane and Polish player Jakub Sikorski, taking place 28 and 29 September. Twenty-five players competed at the tournament, from Poland and the Czech Republic. As it was a charity tournament, the players did not pay an entry fee, but they could donate to an organisation that takes care of disabled individuals, the Foundation HANDICAP Zakopane.

Alongside the tournament, there was an umpiring course with 19 participants. Sebastian Lasecki, a Polish umpire led the course. As part of the practice, participants refereed the non-disabled children's tournament first and then matches of the Polish Para badminton Championship after that. This was the first of its kind in Poland.
Kasia Ziębik, a member of the board at the Polish badminton association, proudly says.

- We hope that at the next edition of the tournament, players from other countries will also arrive. It was a really great success for Polish Para badminton. Thanks to this tournament we have some new players. 


WH1/WH2 junior (women) - 1. Anna Wolny  2. Natalia Grzyb  3. Magdalena Kozera 
WH1/WH2 (women) - 1. Lucyna Mietrkiewicz
WH1/WH2 (men) - 1. Jakub Sikorski  2. Zbynek Sykora  3. Paweł Mietrkiewicz  
SS6 (women) - 1. Oliwia Szmigiel  
SS6 (men) - 1. Grzegorz Jednaki  
SS6 junior (women) - 1. Daria Bujnicka  2. Wiktoria Jednaki  
SL4 (women) - 1. Kamilla Malak  
SL4 (men) - 1. Denis Grzesiuk  2. Dariusz Supel  3. Bartosz Wróbel  
SL4 junior (women) - 1. Zuzanna Jerzyk  
SL4 junior (men) - 1. Kamil Taranda  
SU5 junior (women) - 1. Dominika Tomańska  
SU5 (men) - 1. Paweł Tertelis  
SL3 (men) - 1. Tomasz Szwedo  

WH1/WH2 (women) - 1. Julia Bolibrzuch/ Natalia Grzyb  2. Magdalena Kozera/ Lucyna Mietrkiewicz  3. Joanna Sadlik/ Anna Wolny  

Mixed doubles:
WH1/WH2 - 1. Anna Wolny/ Zbynek Sykora 2. Julia Bolibrzuch/ Jakub Sikorski  3. Lucyna Mietrkiewicz/ Paweł Mietrkiewicz  

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