Sam and Chloe Magee will be crucial to Ireland's chances of winning Group 3 (Credit Mark Phelan).
Sudirman Cup Preview - Isreal, Ireland and Switzerland
Date: 5/16/2019 4:59 PM
Published by : Tom Hazlewood
The 2019 Sudirman Cup is now just three days away and the representing nations and players are eagerly awaiting the prestigious event to get underway.

Today we’ll have a look at three European teams that are desperate to prove their worth to help them improve their ranking.


As the lowest ranked side in Group two, Israel look set for a tough week in the Sudirman Cup.

The Middle Eastern Country have been placed in Group 2B alongside Singapore, Canada, and Germany, who are all ranked much higher than the Israeli’s.

Israel fortunes will largely be reliant of the form of Men’s Singles star Misha Zilberman and Women’s Singles starlet Ksenia Polikarpova in China.

Zilberman and Polikarpova are the countries two top players, both ranking in the top 60 players in the world in their respective categories and look certainties to qualify for next Summer’s Olympic Games.

Positive results for Zilberman and Polikarpova will be massive for Isreal to get any kind of result in their three matches but will be hoping to cause a huge upset against the likes of Germany.

Group 2B matches

Canada [3/4] -Singapore [5/6] 
Germany [2] -Israel [7/8]
Germany [2] -Canada [3/4] 
Singapore [5/6] - Israel [7/8]
Germany [2]-Singapore [5/6] 
Canada [3/4] -Israel [7/8]


Down in Group Three and it’s a much different story for Ireland who missed out on Israel's spot in Group Two by just 800 ranking points and are now the top seeds in Group Three.

The Irish therefore will be hoping to win Group Three and ensure of an improved ranking following the tournament.

Ireland have a number of top players helping to help them in topping group 3A which also consists of Australia, New Zealand, and Nepal. 

The Magee siblings will be key to Ireland’s success in Group Three. All of Sam, Chloe and Joshua are all heading to Manning China for the event and will be desperate to lead the Irish team to the Group Three Final.

Group 3A matches

Australia [3/4] vs New Zealand [5/6]
Ireland [1] vs Nepal [7/8]
Ireland [1] vs Australia [3/4]
New Zealand [5/6] vs Nepal [7/8]
Ireland [1] vs New Zealand [5/6]
Australia [3/4] vs Nepal [7/8]


The closest challenges to defeating Ireland in Group Three will most likely be from Switzerland.

The Swiss are the second highest ranked side in Group Three below Ireland and will be confident of topping Group 3B ahead of Sri Lanka, Slovakia, and Lithuania.

Switzerland have been an ever-improving nation in Badminton and will be hoping to make the step up to a Group Two nation next time around and victory here would go far into doing just that.

Group 3B matches

Sri Lanka [3/4] vs Slovakia [5/6]
Switzerland [2] vs Lithuania [7/8]
Switzerland [2] vs Sri Lanka [3/4]
Slovakia [5/6] vs Lithuania [7/8]
Switzerland [2] vs Slovakia [5/6]
Sri Lanka [3/4] vs Lithuania [7/8]

See all the results from the Sudirman Cup here
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