David Jack Wilson (Photo: Mark Phelan)
"It is a huge goal of mine"
Date: 3/27/2019 1:48 PM
Published by : Aidan Jones (BEC)
The next edition of ´European Para-Badminton Towards Tokyo 2020´ features David Jack Wilson from Wales.

The 24-year old competes in the Standing Upper 5 sport class in para-badminton and is the highest ranked para player in Wales.

Watch the video to see how Wilson is looking forward to the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics and what goals he thinks he can achieve.

Great personality

Wilson, who hopes to be part of Team GB in Tokyo has played with a badminton racket since a very early age, starting from when he played with his late father.

Wilson’s father, unfortunately, passed away when the Welshman was just eight years of age, but that did not stop the determined minded teenager.

When Wilson was thirteen, he was asked to go to a club with his friend just for fun but over ten years later, Wilson is preparing to qualify in his first Paralympic Games in Tokyo 2020.

“In terms of thinking about the Paralympics, I would say I think about it at least once every day.

“I want to at least qualify for the Paralympics, just to be there is a huge goal of mine which I hope to achieve,” Jack Wilson told Badminton Europe.

Progress is good

Wilson's Head Coach Matthew Hughes believes that the Welshman playing under SU5, will have a good opportunity of qualifying for Tokyo 2020 AFTER the hard work that Wilson has put in.

“Jack has made considerable strides over the past 12 months; concentrating on the technical and tactical aspects of his game.

"We are confident with the work he has put in it will provide him with a greater opportunity to qualify for Tokyo 2022," Matthew Hughes said.

Wilson is currently competing at the 5th Turkish Para-Badminton International, in Antalya.

here to follow the Welshman's progress.
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