Credit: Viktor Axelsen
"We work really well together"
Date: 3/13/2019 9:02 AM
Published by : Aidan Jones (BEC)
Have you ever wondered if badminton players have a team behind their original badminton coaches? For Viktor Axelsen, this is the ‘case’.

A physical preparation and nutrition coach, Sean Casey entered the scene of Viktor Axelsen just two years ago and works with the former World Champion, both before and after his matches to prepare him for the next challenge.

Casey is from the United States of America and attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison to study Nutritional Science and then studies Kinesiology further down the line.

Many good times ahead

Viktor Axelsen, speaking to Badminton Europe spoke so positively about the ties with Sean Casey and how it has brought both of them closer together.

Casey is part of Axelsen’s team at most tournaments and at training, he attended the YONEX All England with the Dane last week.

"He (Sean Casey) is a really good guy to have and he is with me full-time now aswell as being one of my closest friends", Viktor Axelsen said.

"We work really well together and all of the good results on the court, he is a part of it. So I am really pleased and honoured to work together with Sean and we will have many good times ahead," he added.

"It is great being part of Viktor’s team"

Casey speaking to Badminton Europe revealed that he was really happy to be part of the behind the scenes team for Viktor Axelsen.

The physical preparation coach believes that the relationship with Viktor has become a friendship, which Axelsen’s personality has played a big part in.

"Working with Viktor has been an extreme pleasure and we've become good friends with time", Sean Casey told Badminton Europe.

"Viktor has a great work ethic and is highly disciplined which has allowed him to reach the level of success that he has over the years.

"As great of an athlete that Viktor is on the badminton court, he’s an even better person off it. It's for these reasons that Viktor and I have worked so well over the years", he said.

Badminton was a new experience

Working with Viktor Axelsen was a new experience for Casey and this brought a challenge for the American, which has allowed him to create a program with Axelsen.

"Viktor is the first badminton player that I've worked with, as it relates to physical training", Casey said.

"When I first started working with Viktor, I watched a significant amount of badminton on YouTube to better familiarize myself with the sport.

"Additionally, I attend almost every one of Viktor's practices. Between these two factors, along with input from Viktor, we create a training program to optimize his health and performance", he continued.
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