Member Association Milestone – Edition 1
Date: 2/28/2019 10:18 AM
Published by : Luca Crippa (BEC)
Badminton Europe (BEC) is the governing body of badminton in Europe.  It is one of the five continental bodies under the flag of the Badminton World Federation (BWF). It was founded on 24 September 1967 in Frankfurt, Germany and has 52 Member Associations now.

This year, BEC will highlight nine of our 52 Member Associations which will celebrate their massive milestones in 2019. These nine Member Associations are:

1.French Badminton Association – 85th Anniversary in January (1934)
2.Badminton Estonia – 55th Anniversary in February (1964)
3.Federação Portuguesa de Badminton – 65th Anniversary in July (1954)
4.Badminton Finland – 65th Anniversary in September (1954)
5.Belgian Badminton Federation – 70th Anniversary in November (1949)
6.Latvian Badminton Federation – 55th Anniversary in November (1964)
7.Badminton Ireland – 120th Anniversary in November (1899)
8.Badminton Greece – 30th Anniversary (1989)
9.Badminton Swiss – 65th Anniversary (1954)

For this edition, we focus on the French Badminton Association and Badminton Estonia.

French Badminton Association
Founded in 1934, the French Badminton Association has been a BEC Member since 1968. There are currently 188,050 registered players and 1979 badminton clubs in France. Below are the Presidents of the French Badminton Association.

Badminton Estonia
Founded in 1964, Badminton Estonia has been a BEC Member since 1992 with 1,200 registered players and 24 badminton clubs.

“Badminton Estonia is celebrating 55th birthday this year, we are happy to see that during past half century badminton has grown into a truly popular and loved sport in Estonia. Estonian players have represented the country at the Olympics and achieved good results at the international level, last year for the first time BEC Championships event was held in Estonia,ʺ claimed Karol Kovanen, the President of Badminton Estonia.

ʺWe cherish that today Badminton Estonia belongs to the Badminton Europe and Badminton World Federation family. Being part of global badminton community is what makes us stronger and at the same time we hope to give back to the sport by continuing to engage more and more people to our sport, ” added Kovanen.

To know more about BEC Member Associations, click here.

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