Michael Nørbæk on his first visit to the National Training Center in Spain
Meet new Senior Manager Michael Nørbæk
Date: 11/1/2018 1:57 PM
Published by : Aidan Jones (BEC)
Badminton Europe is delighted to announce the arrival of Michael Nørbæk as a new Senior Manager for Development and High Performance.

Nørbæk has switched, from owning his own business to becoming part of the team at the BEC Headquarters in Copenhagen.

The 47-year-old will lead the Department of Development, and also High Performance, and will also have a lot of day to day work with the BEC Centre of Excellence as well as with the Sport for All area.

Badminton Europe’s General Secretary Brian Agerbak said;

- I am delighted with the recruitment of Michael Nørbæk. I remember Michael from his involvement in many aspects of the Danish badminton world a few decades ago and again recently when he became involved in Greve Strand Badminton Club.

- With the additional experiences, Michael has gained from working in the football world, in the local municipality with sports and with his own business we are getting a person with a diverse skillset and excellent badminton knowledge to strategically strengthen our development work.

The goals for the future

The former entrepreneur has extreme interests in sport, badminton in particular and he is eager to take on new challenges and take up a different opportunity and has shown an interest in all areas of the company.

- I’m a product of the world of sports. As a matter of fact, I was raised with badminton as the centre of my world. I’ve recently sold my two successful restaurants and now I’m ready for new opportunities and challenges, Nørbæk said. 

- In Badminton Europe, there is a variety of ambitions and goals. I like its complexity and I believe I’m the right person to organise and achieve those goals for the growth of Badminton in Europe, the new Senior Manager commented.

- I am looking forward to helping contribute to popularize the development of talent in all areas of badminton and bring players to a higher level.

- In achieving these goals I am looking forward to working with the Board of Directors, commissions and committees and also with players/coaches/clubs/federations etc. he commented.

- I am looking forward to co-operating with all 52 Member Associations to optimize the development and high performance in the sport.

- Together with the political level, I hope to create the perfect structure and with the users, I can create the maximum content. I love that process!

- Also, not to forget: bring people together in an international environment for both High Performance and Development and get the best out of everyone ... my motto for work is: WIN-WIN, Nørbæk added.

Michael Nørbæk will join the Badminton Europe office on 1. November 2018.

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