Luise Heim is one of three German women's single players that want to qualify for Tokyo 2020 (Photo: Mark Phelan)
Luise Heim: “It will be a fight”
Date: 9/18/2018 3:36 PM
Published by : Annika Langrock
Luise Heim is currently world ranked 73 in the women’s singles and has one big goal: reaching the Olympics 2020. But she is not the only one. To qualify for Tokyo, the German needs to have a better world rank position than her two team mates Yvonne Li and Fabienne Deprez.

In less ten two years, the Summer Olympics are taking place in Tokyo. The German badminton association has decided to send its best world ranked players to the Summer Olympics 2020 in Tokyo. A fair measure, referring to women’s single player Luise Heim:

- I think it is a good idea that the best ranked of us will go to Tokyo. Whoever it is, deserves it. But it is also hard. Yvonne, Fabienne and I are kind of a team, we push each other. I think this is one of the reasons why we have such a good world ranking.

Whereas Luise Heim is currently ranked 73 in women’s singles, Yvonne Li is ranked 62 and Fabienne Deprez is on position 66 right now.

Find all current world rankings here 

- Generally, I do not focus that much on the world ranking. It is not the most important for me. But of course, it is necessary for the World Championship, European games and Olympic games qualification. However, it is not my focus to be the number one in the world ranking this year.

- I must admit that I am jealous when Yvonne or Fabienne reach more rounds in a tournament than I do. But I am also happy for them, as they work hard for it.

Therefore, the 22-year-old already experienced Olympic games, she participated in the Summer Youth Olympics 2014 in Nanjing. The qualifications for the upcoming Summer Olympics are taking place in 2019.

- My current goals refer to on my current performance. So, I want to improve myself step by step by participating in different tournaments. But my big goal is to qualify for the Olympic games.

Mentally ready for the Olympics 2020
This summer, Luise Heim took a break for two months to focus on her mental strength. She did not participate in the World Championships in August. 

- Honestly, I felt a bit tired and I wanted to change that. It feels good to be back now, it was the right decision to take a break. I feel mentally strong now and I develop quite good. 

To qualify for Tokyo, Luise Heim must improve her current world rank position to beat Yvonne Li and Fabienne Deprez in the world ranking. 

- To be honest, it will be a fight between the three of us. It will be a fair fight, but it will be a fight. It is my dream to go to Tokyo.

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