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Head coach: The staff is great
Date: 9/4/2017 11:02 AM
Published by : Rasmus Bech
Jeroen van Dijk is more than happy for the team, he has on BEC Centre of Excellence.

- I’m happy. I’m very satisfied. 

Short and accurate message from Head Coach Jeroen van Dijk about his staff at the new badminton academy in Holbæk.

Kestutis Navickas(Lithuania), Nicola Cerfontyne(England) and Peter R. Jensen(Denmark) have joined van Dijk at COE, and the head coach couldn’t ask for a better setup.

- We have two experienced coaches and two young coaches, who has been players very recently. That is a good match. It’s fantastic to have Peter here. Both players and the two young coaches can learn a lot from him, van Dijk says. 

Ex-Olympian now coach on COE
Kestutis Navickas, 33, is a former professional and Ex-Olympian, and van Dijk is happy, that the 12 time Lithuanian champion has joined his staff. 

- Kestutis knows this world. He has been part of a training center, and he knows, what it takes, van Dijk says.

Navickas is happy, that he got the opportunity to join COE.

- It’s a professional organisation, that I’m now a part of. I have always wanted to live in Denmark, and now I’m here, and I’m part of a team of great coaches. I’ve absolutely no regrets, Navickas says.

Kestutis Navickas will be COE assistant coach

Want to give something back
The youngest in the coaching team is Nicola Cerfontyne, 29. After travelling in Southeast Asia she is back on court, and she is happy, that she now can use her knowledge to help others. 

- I really want to give something back. The setup here is great, and I’m very happy to be here, Cerfontyne says, and she gets positive word from Jeroen van Dijk.

- I’m so happy, she is here. It’s hard to find female coaches, and she is really an asset for us. She has been part of the English national team, and she has some experiences, that the players can learn a lot from.
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