Belgium: Working together
Date: 8/17/2016 4:19 PM
Published by : Emma Lollike

36 players - 17 girls and 19 boys had a terrific positive boost by the start of the season at a BEC Summer Camp in Wilrijk, Antwerp, August 8-12.

They were supported and motivated by six coaches who showed as much quality as the players did. A special thanks go to the Head coach of the camp, Wouter Claes, for his conceptual attractive approach - his Lfbb colleague Frederic Gaspard - Jorge Cacao Portugal - Jonas Lyskjaer (Denmark) - Jurgen Wouters (Netherlands) - and Mathias Veron (France).

In a friendly atmosphere the players worked hard together. They also competed against each other, but was never against each other, kept working together in an outstanding positive atmosphere. Thank you to the players, you need to know that you made the camp superb with your individual input and enthusiasm. For those who will achieve selection, the Instructors hope you will perform on the Worlds- and European Championships later this season - with success.

The location was the brand new hall and superb location of the Topsportschool Antwerp. A special thanks go to the headmaster of the topsportschool Antwerp, Mr Frans Van Den Wyngaert, the city of Antwerp and the Department of Education of the city AGSO, for their special efforts and creative problem solving.

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