7500 Shuttle Time Teachers educated
Date: 1/27/2016 11:26 AM
Published by : Zsofia Horvath (EU)
Badminton Europe organized the first Shuttle Time Trainer/Tutor course in February 2012 on Malta. The second course followed soon after and was held during the 2012 BEC European Championships in Karlskrona. In these two courses a total of 22 tutors and trainers were educated. Five countries were accepted to receive support for the implementation of Shuttle Time.

In 2013 the number of implementing countries grew to 13. Not all of these countries were able to organise Shuttle Time teacher’s courses because they decide to translate the Shuttle Time resources into their own language first. At the end of that year 1732 teachers were educated and the number of trainers and tutors rose to 226.

It was the goal of Badminton Europe to have 20 implementing countries by 2016. This goal had to be adjusted to 30 countries because 21 countries wanted to implement Shuttle Time in 2014. Badminton Europe kept on organizing Trainer / Tutor courses to help its members with the implementation of Shuttle Time by educating more Shuttle Time staff. By the end of 2015 the Member Associations had educated 4668 Shuttle Time Teachers.

In 2015 the five thousand educated Shuttle Time teachers mark was broken. Badminton Europe set new goals for the Shuttle Time project. The aim is to have 40 countries implementing Shuttle Time, who will educate at least 20.000 Shuttle Time teachers, 750 Shuttle Time tutors and 60 Shuttle Time trainers by 2020.

"There are 27 countries implementing Shuttle Time now and we hope that the 5 countries who informed us that they want to join the project will be successful. This will mean that we have 32 countries joining the project by the end of the year and it is our goal to reach the ten thousand educated Shuttle time Teachers mark this year", says Jeroen van Dijk, Manager at Badminton Europe.

You find more information regarding Shuttle Time here.

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