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Date: 7/16/2015 4:34 PM
Published by : Tania Teoh
Celebrating the milestone of the BEC Summer School, let us go down memory lane and see how much the Summer School has achieved after 34 good years. Since the birth of the BEC Summer School in 1982, numerous Member Associations have shown great interest in supporting this longest running Development Project. From being hosts to enrolling their Staff Coaches for the Summer School and sending the players to participate, Badminton Europe is truly grateful with the continuous support from the Member Associations. 

The BEC Summer School facts:
  •   Hosted by 15 European countries in 24 cities    
  •   Participated by more than 1800 U17 players
  •   Attended by more than 500 coaches
  •   Conducted by more than 100 staff coaches
To read more about the past BEC Summer Schools, click here

Back to this year´s Summer School, the fifth day of the 2015 BEC Summer School is traditionally a rest day for the participants. The short break is important for them as they have been working very hard for the last four days. The half day break was filled with different sports activities where the players, coaches and staff coaches had the opportunity to interact with each other.

All the players had a half day court training while the coaches were split into two groups. One group had to deliver their lessons on court and the other had a 90 minutes session with Jeroen van Dijk, Badminton Europe´s Development Manager and Mike Woodward, the staff coach from England.

After lunch, all the participants visited ´Aqua Luna´, the waterpark situated close by the hotel. The long awaited itinerary was very much appreciated by the participants as they had a chance to swim, relax and spend some quality time with the others out of the badminton hall. Laughter, chats and jokes was in the air. ´This social activity is very much needed as our body can only sustain a certain amount of workload. Being away from badminton for half a day boosts the recovery of our body systems,´ explained Jeroen who was an elite international badminton player from the Netherlands 14 years ago.

In addition to the visit to the waterpark, the traditional Coaches vs. Players football match was played. Both team took the match very seriously as the Coaches´ team has been undefeatable for the past 15 years! The match ended with again, victory for the Coaches´ team with a score of 3-2. 

The goal scorers were: 

Coaches´ team - Tomasz Mendrek (CZE), Zsófia Horváth and Jeroen van Dijk (Badminton Europe Confederation) 

Players´ team – Scott Oates (WAL), 2 goals

The relay team finals will be played today alongside with the last rounds of the team event. The individual tournament will begin tomorrow (Friday) with players competing for the Men´s Singles and Women´s Singles title. 

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