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Ronan Labar: I still feel pretty young
Date: 5/11/2020 2:23 PM
Published by : BEC staff

How long can a player keep playing at the elite level for? Ronan Labar thinks that many European players are proving a career well into your thirties is possible.

Badminton, the fastest racket sport in the world, requires a gruelling and physically demanding training regime to keep playing at the highest level. However, notable names such as Vladimir Ivanov, 32, recently got to the semifinal of the All England Open, Mathias Boe, 39, currently ranking in the world’s top 20 and lest we forget Poland’s Robert Mateusiak, reaching the quarterfinal of the 2016 Rio Olympics at 40 years of age.

When Paris 2024 comes around, Frenchman Ronan Labar will be 35, speaking about this dreamlike scenario on the horizon, he states. 

- First of all, I still feel pretty young even when 31 is knocking on the door, and we know that European doubles players can continue at least until 35, but it all depends on your mindset. One year ago, I would be saying ‘yeah I will definitely try to go’, but it has been a complicated year with my coaches and my federation, so it took my mind and my energy down a little. Let's first try to get this pleasure and energy on court that defines me, and we will see after for Paris.

Stay safe!

With the news of the postponement of the Tokyo Games, many players are in limbo waiting to see what the future holds for them now. Asking if this news changes anything for him, Labar said.

- I have no idea, it's a historical and terrible situation that we are living in now. I'm waiting to see the BWF decision about qualifications for 2021. But that's not the most important thing right now. STAY HOME AND STAY SAFE GUYS!

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