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Nhat Nguyen on EJC18: It’s definitely one of my main goals for this year
Date: 8/10/2018 11:00 AM
Published by : Emma Lollike
With only one month to go before the individual 2018 European Junior Championships (EJC18), Europe’s currently highest-ranked men’s singles Nhat Nguyen from Ireland is looking forward to getting started. 

On September 11 the individual competition will start in Tallinn, Estonia, and the U17 champion from 2016 has the event on his list of important events in 2018:

- Europeans U19 is one of my main goals alongside Youth Olympics and World Juniors later on in the year. So, yeah, it’s definitely one of my main goals for this year, Nguyen, 18, says to Badminton Europe.

Besides the Junior events, 2018 has also brought some impressing results on the highest level for the Irish men’s singles. At the 2018 European Championships (EC18) in Huelva, he beat Pablo Abian but lost 21-19 in the decider against Nick Fransman and just missed the quarterfinals.

- Preparation are good but there’s always some adversity you have to face and adapt to. I will play a couple of tournaments before the Euro U19 which will be good to get me ready for it.

Can feel the pressure
At last year’s Junior championships, Nguyen lost the quarterfinal to Toma Junior Popov of France who went on to win the title. 

This year, there is a big possibility for Nguyen to reach a first seeding, but competition will be tough as the 2017 EJC silver medalist Arnaud Merkle is breathing down his neck as the possible second seed.

- Obviously I want to win it, but it won’t be easy. Of course, there will be pressure, but I have to find ways to cope with it and overcome it. So, I just want to relax and focus on one match a time.

Stay tuned for the individual seeding which will be announced on August 24th and for the draws on August 28th. The EJC18 also carries a team event which will be conducted before the individual competition. Read about the seedings and draws for the competition event which starts on September 7. 

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