How it Started?
History was created and Badminton (para-badminton) will have its maiden appearance as a medal sport in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

Badminton Europe is looking forward to support and guide all our Member Associations for the start of this new chapter for our sport.

Below is a brief history of this spectacular journey to date.

To read the history of the inclusion process,  click here 

About Para-badminton
Para-badminton players compete in singles (men / women), doubles (men/women) and mixed doubles. The rules and regulations for para-badminton are based on standard 'Laws of Badminton' and take into account the specific needs of players' Sport Class.

Players are classified into 'Sport Classes' to ensure fairness in competition. There are 6 Sport Classes in para-badminton.
  • Wheelchair Sport Classes - WH1 and WH2
  • Standing Sport Classes - SL3*, SL4 and SU5*
  • Short Stature Sport Class - SS6

SL* - Standing Lower

SU* - Standing Upper

(identifies the area of impairment of the para-athlete)

Para-badminton Commission
Badminton Europe is the responsible organisation for para-badminton in Europe with 52 Member Associations.

To view the President´s foreword regarding the inclusion of para-badminton into the Paralympic Games, click here.

The Para-Badminton Commission consists of six members from six countries.

Members of the Commission

 João Matos (Chair)
Carmen Martinez 
 Derek Batchelor
 Hendrik Boosman
 Richard Perot
 Torsten Berg

For more information on the Commission, click here.

RUles & Regulations
Para-badminton is integrated and administered as part of the ´Laws of Badminton´. 

In addition to that, ´Para-badminton Classification and Competition Regulations´ are used to ensure the authenticity of the sport.

Click on the links below for the desired documents prepared by the BWF:

Para-Badminton Competition Regulations
(updated 12 Nov 2015)

App 1: International Representation Chart

App 2: Specifications for International Para-Badminton Facilities

App 3: Time Lines for Tournaments

App 4: Tournament Sanction Policy

App 5: Offences & Penalties

App 6: Classification Regulations

App 7: BWF Classifiers Code of Conduct

App 8: Regulations for Para-Badminton World and Continental Championships        
For other para-badminton documents, go to ´Downloads´.

Anti-doping will be conducted in accordance with the BWF and WADA Regulations.

It is the responsibility of each athlete to follow the Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUE) application process to apply for authorisation to take the medications which fall under the Prohibited List before they take the medication.

TUEs must be approved at least 21 days before an international competitions. For more information about the TUE and the application process, click here.

BWF Anti-Doping Regulations (2015) can be downloaded here.

IMPORTANT: Alert from International Paralympic Committee(IPC)-Meldonium. To view the letter, click here.

To view the current WADA Prohibited List (Jan 2016), click here.
To download the TUE application form, click here.

To access further information of Anti-Doping in badminton, please click here.

Players who have been classified under the BWF Classification Regulations (effective 1 January 2012) are listed on the Players Classification Master List.

This list provides information about the players including the names, country, year of birth and the Sport Class and Sport Class Status of players.

This list is important for tournament organisers in managing entries in competitions.

Latest ranking list & other players´relevant documents can be found on the BWF Para-Badminton (Players) website, here.

Badminton Europe oversees the development of para-badminton with the BEC Member Associations in close cooperation with BWF and other partners.

To view the BWF Para-Badminton Development Plan 2015-2020, click here

NEW to Para-Badminton?
Interested to play or compete in para-badminton for the first time?

Interested to start working with para-badminton athletes?

Interested to be part of the European Para-Badminton family?

Contact Tania Teoh at

Para-Player of the Year´15


Bartlomiej Mroz (POL), winner of the BEC Para-Badminton Player of the Year Award 2015.

Click here, to read more.


Bartlomiej Mroz with Joao Matos, BEC Vice President and Chair of Para-Badminton Commission.

The best European Players Of The Year will be crowned at an official Awards Gala (Saturday, 16 April 2016 in Podcetrek, Slovenia).

The 4 players nominated are:

To see more of the nominees, click here.

You can also vote on our official Facebook page by liking the nominated players above.

Click on the name of the player(s) of your choice.

After receiving all the votes, the best 2 players will then be in the shortlist. The BEC voting panel will determine the winner from this shortlist of the 2 nominees.

The Award Winner will be announced on 16 April during the 4th BEC Gala Awards Evening.

BWF Sanctioned Forms 2017 & 2018

Sanctioned forms can be downloaded from the links below.

1.  BWF Para-Badminton International 2017 - Application deadline 31 August 2016

2.  BWF Para-Badminton International 2018 - Application deadline 30 December 2016

2016 BEC Members´ Forum para-badminton presentation can be viewed here.

2015 BEC Members´ Forum para-badminton presentation can be viewed here.

To read the archived para-badminton news click on the years ago.

For further enquiries, please contact:

Tania Teoh
(Junior Manager)

Mail :
Mobile : + 45 31 41 27 57

BWF World champs 2017

The BWF Para-Badminton World Championships are hosted every two years (in odd numbered years) where players compete for the individual titles as world champion in their respective sport class/event.

BREAKING NEWS: Para-Badminton Worlds 2017 to Korea  

If you have other questions regarding this tournament, please contact Tania Teoh at

2016 Calendar

Results from 1st Colombia Para-Badminton International can be viewed here.

Previous tournaments:

Results from European Para-Badminton Championships can be viewed here.

Results from the 3rd Indonesia Para-Badminton International can be viewed here.

Results from the 2nd Irish Para-Badminton International can be viewed here.

Results from the 2nd Turkish Para-Badminton International - Enes Cup can be viewed here.

2017 spanish Intl.

The 2017 BWF Para-Badminton  VI Spanish International Championships will be held from 07-12 March in Alcudia, Spain.

To download the relevant forms, please click on the links below:

Deadline 12th January 2017
Deadline 7th February 2017

Please send your entries to

For Classification forms, please send to

If you have other questions regarding this tournament, contact Syahmi Sabron at

European PB C´Ships 2016

The 2016 European Para-Badminton Championships organized by Badminton Nederland and Badminton World Federation will be held from 27-30 October in Beek, the Netherlands.

The official shuttles used during the Championships is FZ FORZA VIP.

To download the relevant forms, please click on the links below:

Deadline 30th August 2016
Deadline 5th September 2016

Please send your entries to

If you have other questions regarding this tournament, contact Syahmi Sabron at

4 nations Series

2016 Irish 4 Nations Leg

(18-20 November 2016)

Stay tuned!

To download the 4 Nations 2016 calendar, click here.


  • Results from the Welsh 4 Nations (19-21 August 2016) can be viewed here.
  • Results and recap from the Scottish 4 Nations (18-21 February 2016) can be viewed here.

 4 Nations Para-Badminton Series

The 4 Nations Para-Badminton series includes events from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. The Series was first established in 2007 when Wales staged their first event.

They were soon joined by Scotland, then Ireland and finally England, creating a regular tournament platform for a range of players abilities and disabilities.

At each event, all the sports classes recognised by BWF are included as well as a category for those players with a Learning Disability. Entries of around 100 players are recieved at the majority of events and now with the sport gaining Paralympic status, there is a steady stream of new players entering the events.

The events are for players in the 4 countries. 

Click here to view the results of the Scottish leg (Feb 2016) 

Click here to view the results of the Welsh leg (2015)

Click here to view the photo gallery of the Welsh leg (2015) 

Badminton World Federation 

International Paralympic Committee 

European Paralympic Committee 

BEC Facebook 

BEC Youtube 

BEC Twitter 

BEC Instagram 

BEC Online Magazine - Issue 21 (para-badminton on page 50-52)

NEWS & RELATED Materials
12.12.2016 - Final results - 1st Colombia Para-Badminton International
22.11.2016 - ´Badminton For All´ integrated badminton tournament in Pabiance, Poland

14.11. 2016 - The Past and Beyond 

04.11.2016- Para-Badminton Worlds 2017 to Korea by BWF 

01.11.2016 - BWF in Beek 

28.10.2016 - Juggling Two in One 

26.10.2016 - Working Towards Tokyo 

19.10.2016 - BWF SHUTTLE WORLD, 15th edition. (Para-Badminton on page 3)

10.10.2016 - BADMINTONscotland Set Up Para-Badminton Initiatives by BADMINTONscotland

05.10.2016 - Bobby Griffin (ENG): Give para-badminton a go!

26.09.2016 - Getting Better in Beek (2nd BEC Para-Badminton Education Course)
26.09.2016 - 2nd Annual Inclusive Badminton Festival by Power2Inspire 

23.09.2016 - Inaugural GB Para-Badminton Squad Announced Ahead of Tokyo 2020 Debut by Badminton England
To read more archived news, scroll down to the ´Older News´ section below.

2017 tournament calendar

For exact dates and location of the 2017 tournaments, click here.

Please note that the dates for the following tournaments are tentative dates. The calendar will be updated if there are changes.
  • Peru Para-Badminton International 2017
  • Brazil Para-Badminton International 2017


The BEC Para-Badminton Education Course (PBEC) is planned for the coaches who are involved with para-badminton and would like to improve their para-badminton coaching skills.


Please complete the Online Feedback Form.

Course materials


Day 1

Full day presentation by Lyndon Williams (WAL)
Para-badminton activities in Turkey
Para-badminton activities in Austria
Para-badminton activities in Romania
BWF Technical Delegate - Carmen Martinez (ESP)
National Para-Badminton Player - Alan Oliver (SCO)

Day 2

Full day presentation by Lyndon Williams (WAL)
High Performance presentation by Anton Ivanov (RUS)
Development presentation by Kaity Hall (SCO)
Videos during the practical session by Pavel Dobrynin 

Day 3

Full day presentation by Lyndon Williams (WAL)

Articles about the 2nd BEC Para-Badminton Education Course

The 2016 edition will be held in Beek, the Netherlands from 21-23 October 2016.
The application for the 2nd BEC PBEC is closed. We hope to hear from you next year.

European Para-badminton Towards Tokyo 2020 features Bobby Griffin (ENG) 

2nd BEC Para-Badminton Education Course Introduction video (21-23 October 2016).

1st BEC Para-Badminton Education Course summary video (11-13 December 2015).

Watch the´European Para-Badminton Towards Tokyo 2020´ video published Oct 2015

Awards Ceremony - Carlton Irish Para-Badminton International 2015 by Badminton Ireland 

Matches Compilation - Carlton Irish Para-Badminton International 2015 by Badminton Ireland

Badminton - A Paralympic Sport

Para-Badminton Promo 

European Para-Badminton Championships 2014, Murcia, Spain 

For more para-badminton videos, 
click here.

Classifiers are a group of trained officials who evaluate and determine the ´Sport Class´ and ´Sport Class Status´of players for a tournament.

There are 5 BWF Certified Classifiers in Europe.

Head of Classification

 Dr. Silvia Albrecht

Level 1 - International Classifier

 Jose Maria Lopez

 Rebecca Bailey

 Nevin Aysel Guzel

 Martin ter Plegt

Want to be a Classifier? Read more here.

For Classifier Training and Certification info, click here

Classification is a process of grouping players into their ´Sport Class´ in order to have a fair competition level for everyone. 

After this process, the players are allocated a ´Sport Class Status´. 

This status pinpoints when they should be evaluated and how their Sport Class may be challenged. 

To view the Para-Badminton Classification Regulations,  click here.

Laws of Badminton 
(updated 01.06.2015)
   -  Para-Badminton Equipment 

Player Medical Information Form 
Player Evaluation Consent Form 
Classification Protest Form 
Classification Appeal Form 

TUE Application Form