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This is my biggest moment

4/9/2020 8:55 AM | |  Rasmus Bech(BEC)

Badminton Europe asked some of the European stars and talents to share their best memories from our beloved sport.

Toma Junior Popov:
My best memories are my three gold medals at the European Junior Championships, the two-quarterfinals at the World Junior Championships and my ascension to the top 50.

Selena Piek:
Reaching the quarterfinals at the Olympic Games with Eefje Muskens. It sounds cliché but performing at such a big stage and to do so well is still something I cherish. Becoming European Games Champions with Cheryl is also a big moment as it was very unexpected for both of us. And beating Zheng and Huang at the All England recently – does that even need an explanation? 

Alex Dunn:
I think the Scottish Open win last year was a really special moment with having all friends and family there to see you win in your home country and the little breakthrough finally winning at a challenge level to push us on.

Kristin Kuuba:

I believe that highlights of my career are still coming, but so far, the most memorable moment is a bronze medal from European Junior Championships in women’s doubles with Helina Rüütel. It was the first championships medal for our country, so I am proud of that.

Milan Dratva:

My biggest moment would have to be my first ever international medal in juniors. My partner and I won the doubles of the first tournament we played outside Slovakia at the age of 15 in Lithuania. I consider this moment my biggest because it really gave me the motivation to train harder and take the sport more seriously.

Vimala Heriau:
My best memory was our title at the European Junior Championship. We worked so hard for this with all the team so it was really important for me to get this title. And my two national titles in doubles were also really important moments.

Ruben Jille:
My best memory so far has probably been winning my first title together with Jacco (Arends) back in 2017 in Spain. That had been my first senior title, and to win a challenge had been a big goal for a long time. I still cherish that moment a lot. Of course I can also not leave the European men’s team silver medal without a mention. That was for sure an amazing week as well.

Jordan Hart:
Winning Polish International 2019. It was a victory where I gained several wins against highly rated players.

Toby Penty:
My best memory was actually when I got a wildcard to the World Championships 2011 at Wembley Arena. I got to play in front of all my friends and family and it was quite something playing in such a big event so close to home in London. Something at the time I took for granted, but I am now thankful I got that opportunity.

Mariya Mitsova:
The biggest moment for me is definitely being part of the team that won the silver medal at the European Women’s Team Championships in 2016.

Adam Hall:

The best moment is between two Scottish Open memories for me. The first was the feeling I had when Peter Mills and I won our semifinal back in 2016. It was an incredible moment having the crowd behind us and it was such a relief to get over the line after we were winning 19-11 in the third and only won to 19 in the end! Then I think the one that just tops that was winning the Scottish Open last year. It has been a dream of mine to win my home tournament since I was about six years old. So, to finally get that title after many years of trying, it was really an amazing feeling.

Ksenia Polikarpova:
For me, the most memorable result is the final of the Russian Open in 2013, when no one was looking at me as a singles player, but on way to final I beat most of the best Russian players at that time. Also, when I became the national Russian champion in 2015 and defeated the undoubted leader Ella Diehl in the semifinal. When I won my first international tournament for Israel (Estonia International 2018) was also special, and the Nigeria IC 2018, when I could push myself to my limits playing in very tough conditions and won the final 27-25 in the third game.

Ben Lane:
My biggest moments are maybe my two-quarterfinals at the French Open.

Juliette Moinard:
As of victories my title at the European Championships was a big one for me. As of memories in general my month in Asia ahead of the World Juniors was a great memory.

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