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- I am trying to remain positive

4/5/2020 9:00 AM | |  Matteo Brüggenwerth

Dutch player Soraya de Visch Eijbergen tries to stay fit amid the Covid-19 outbreak. She reveals her feelings at this challenging time and shares what she does to keep in a good frame of mind.

In the current situation, badminton athletes have to find ways to stay fit while competitions and regular training sessions are on hold. 

- As an athlete, it´s hard to see cancellations of all the tournaments and not knowing what will happen for the rest of the season. It´s definitely the right decision from the BWF, our health should always come first.

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Thinking about others

Eijbergen, who is ranked 66 in the world in women´s singles, explains how she adjusts her training to the circumstances.

- In the beginning, it was difficult because the training structure disappeared, and I had to set up a new routine. I do a lot of footwork practice in the garden and play against the wall. Through the high speed of the shuttlecock, my movements get faster and I improve the skill to switch fast between the forehand and backhand grip. I also try to keep up my fitness plan, although I must be resourceful without the weight-machines in the gym.

The 27-year-old athlete who lives in Bern recently qualified for the European and World Championships. To avoid the busy metropolitan life of Switzerland’s capital she temporarily moved to the countryside to use nature to work-out.

- Keeping our distance is really the key. Helping others when they need it. Thinking about others and not just about ourselves. Collectively we can beat the Coronavirus and kill the loneliness.  

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