Shuttle Time Hits 5000 in Europe

7/22/2015 11:28 AM | |  Tania Teoh
Shuttle Time broke through the 5000 mark.  More than 5000 (5279) Shuttle Time teachers and 500 (501) Shuttle Time tutors were educated in Europe the past three years. In addition to that, there are a total of 40 trainers and 4 experts from Europe and the numbers are still increasing.

´Shuttle Time´ is BWF's Schools Badminton Programme. This programme was implemented worldwide since 2012. It is an innovative training programme designed to assist teachers and coaches in the delivery of safe and fun badminton lessons to children aged 5-15 years old.

 “This is a fantastic result in only three years. It shows that our Member Associations (MA´s) are happy with Shuttle Time. Badminton Europe´s KPI is to reach 30 countries in 2016 and having 24 countries already on board and 4 pending, I am positive that we will reach our target by next year (2016). I would like to thank the MA´s who have started the courses and hope that there will be more to come. For the MA´s who would like to start to implement Shuttle Time in their country, please contact us, “says Jeroen van Dijk, BEC Manager on the achievement of Shuttle Time on reaching the great milestone.

The Shuttle Time manual is translated into 17 languages worldwide, while the Coach Education Level 1 and Level 2 is available in 5 different languages. Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland and Switzerland are the top 5 countries with most organized courses out of the 24 in Europe. Pending countries which will be organizing Shuttle Time soon are Armenia, Georgia, France and Spain.

Since 2012, five Trainer´s/Tutor´s Courses were organized in 5 different countries. The upcoming course will take place at the end of this year. The dates and host city are yet to be decided.

The cities which hosted the courses are listed as below:

Hamburg, Germany 2014
Kaunas, Lithuania, 2014
Milan, Italy 2013
Dublin, Ireland 2012
Karlskrona, Sweden 2012

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