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Humans of Shuttle Time: Carolin Ruth
Date: 12/22/2022 10:37 AM
Published by : BWF
Meet Carolin Ruth, a Shuttle Time Coordinator from Germany.

I grew up with my brother and parents in a mid-sized town. I spent most of my childhood days at badminton halls as everyone was very involved in the local badminton club. However, my parents also ensured we spent enough time outside as well. Both of us were into musical education as well. My brother then decided to dedicate his time to playing the guitar. 

Early Days
I had an early start! When I was born I was taken to my dad’s last league matches and became a ‘Hallenkind’ (hall child), as we say in Germany. 
In the early days I wanted to do what my dad did when I saw him on court. I loved the speed of it and I made friends immediately in my training group. 

Relationship With Badminton
I have played during my whole youth and childhood, did my coaching licence when I was in school and after my studies made some lucky decisions and ended up working for the national federation now. 

Memorable Moments
The World Championships in Basel as they were the beginning of my professional career in badminton starting off with the amazing Para Badminton team. 

Growing up with badminton I am now dedicating my working life to it so that must be a statement, I guess. 

What Makes it Different 
What makes badminton so special is its complexity and speed as well as the amazing badminton family around the world. 

Developing Badminton in the Community
In Germany we are blessed with a well-functioning club system. People are familiar with the concept of organised sports. Of course during the Covid pandemic, clubs and federations suffered badly. Nevertheless we are now working our way back to supporting our members with different projects and approaches and we are happy about smoothing the way for a comeback of the amazing Shuttle Time programme.

Lessons from Shuttle Time
Patience and persistence with regard to implementing changes. As the new national coordinator I am currently exploring and developing ways for everyone to benefit from the programme more than before.

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