Baltic badminton cooperation in Valmiera
Date: 10/17/2022 3:53 PM
Published by : Tommi Saksa & Sara Gonzalez Martinez (BEC)
Latvia, together with Estonia and Lithuania, hosted an U15 training camp from 23 to 27 August as part of the BEC Regional Projects programme.

From 23 to 27 August, Latvia hosted an U15 training camp in Valmiera, northern Latvia, together with Estonia and Lithuania. The purpose of the training camp was to prepare players from the Baltic countries for the 2022 European U15 Championships which was held in Ibiza in September 2022. A total of 12 girls, 12 boys, and six coaches participated in this training camp.

With a high level of motivation to train, the players that participated in this camp also took the chance to learn from the participants from other countries. The training camp was a great experience for the coaches too — exchanging ideas and training tips, and getting into conversations on how different types of coaching activities are planned and delivered in the different participating countries. 

"For such young players, it is great to have the chance to train together with those from other countries. Having different playing styles and skills in the sessions has given the players more variation than they would get by only practising with their usual teammates. This kind of training camps unites players internationally and motivates them to train harder", explained Latvian coach Andis Berzins.

The trainings included singles and doubles sessions, as well as sparring matches during the five-day camp. With the big advantage of having a big hall and six coaches, it was possible to observe all the players and give them an individual approach during training. "We really liked the doubles training because the exercises were like the real badminton game situations. Besides the trainings, we also liked playing volleyball and going swimming in the evenings”, some of the players added.

In the evenings, players and coaches went to the local beach to play volleyball and go for a swim after the warm days inside the hall. The players and coaches did not just expand their knowledge and improved their skills, but also established new friendships and had a great time on and off court.

"The camp was especially useful to kids that don’t have so much international experience. They had the chance to work with coaches that have a different training approach. They also had the chance to make new friends from other Baltic countries with similar interests, hobbies, and one of the most important things that connects them — badminton. I really hope that they take what they experienced in Valmiera back home and share it with their coaches and clubmates", concluded Latvian coach Pauls Gureckis.

Want to learn more about Badminton Europe’s Regional Projects? Click here to read more about the programme and learn about previous projects.
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