16 Coaches selected for the ADVANCE European Badminton Coaching Education
Date: 7/1/2022 3:22 PM
Published by : BEC News
The Erasmus+ supported ADVANCE project has been through a thorough application and selection process of the 16 coaches for the 10-month ADVANCE European Badminton Coaching Education.

Hannes Käsbauer, German Badminton Association, was one of the three persons involved in the selection panel and was impressed by the group of candidates who applied to be part of the ADVANCE European Coaching Education:

- First, I would like to thank all those who showed interest and applied for the ADVANCE European Coaching Education. It was strong group of applicants and the selection of the 16 candidates was not easy.

All applicants sent a motivation letter, CV and a video in which they presented both themselves and their coaching and playing skills as part of the application process. Interviews were also conducted as part of the selection process.

Brian Agerbak, General Secretary of Badminton Europe, was also involved in the comprehensive application and selection process.

- We are confident of having selected a highly motivated and dedicated group of coaches, who will greatly benefit from the education and make a great difference for European badminton in the future. We need more high-level coaches in Europe to work at all levels of badminton development, and I am confident that the coaches we have chosen will make a positive impact for years to come.

Jacob Oehlenschlæger, Senior Manager at Badminton Europe, was the last person involved in the selection of the 16 coaches and can’t wait to meet the coaches for the first time. The selected coaches will meet for the first time 14 to 18 September 2022 at the BEC Centre of Excellence at Holbæk Sportsbyen in Denmark.

- We can’t wait to welcome the 16 coaches to the BEC Centre of Excellence. After months of preparation and developing the education, we can finally start working with the coaches. It is going to be a great experience for everyone involved.

The 16 candidates for ADVANCE Badminton European Coaching Education are:

  • Andrew Aspinal, England
  • Frederic Gaspard, Belgium
  • Jose Antonio Crespo, Spain
  • Lilit Poghosyan, Armenia
  • Luke Bailey, England 
  • Manuel Vazquez, Spain
  • Matthew Haynes, Wales
  • Nathan Van der Bruggen, Belgium 
  • Paul Vennekens, Netherlands 
  • Richard Morrissey, England 
  • Roy Mulder, Netherlands 
  • Tania Teoh, Denmark
  • Thies Wiediger, Germany 
  • Tomas Skala, Czech Republic
  • Vincenzo Sammartano, France 
  • Vytaute Fomkinaite, Lithuania

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