Busy second day at the 2021 Para badminton Event
Date: 8/28/2021 11:21 PM
Published by : Sara Gonzalez Martinez (BEC)
The second day of the three-day event gave participants the chance to learn even more and do some preparation for the final day, but also to have some fun at the end of the day. 

There is so much information to take in just a few days. Participants in both the Coaches Course and the Administrators Course were processing what they had learnt today and applying it to today’s sessions, while keeping in mind the final day that is already upon them, and which they have to prepare for.

Helping each other grow
All the learning and the participants’ curiosity raise many questions which those delivering the course are there to answer. Sports Coordinator at Badminton Estonia Kathy-Karmen Kale has wonderfully acted like a host representative for his association, but she is also taking part in the Administrators Course and feels like she has learnt so much so far.

- It is really helpful. I like it and I like Justine too, she is explaining really well. It helps because you can ask the little questions about the things we do not see on the screen presentation, Kale said.

Those leading the courses such as Justine Cammal, Development & High Performance Officer at BEC who is delivering the Administrators Course in the 2021 BEC Para badminton event, do guide the attendees to kick-start Para badminton in their country or if they already have projects going on, they are guided on how to further develop them. 

Yet, it is not just the course leaders that serve as guiding figures for what they want to do when they go back to their respective cities and countries. Also at the Administrators Course, Róbert Hornung from Slovakia and Tove Söderdahl from Sweden come from countries in which the development of Para badminton is at different stages, but they still find they can learn so much from each other—and also help each other to grow. 

- For me, everything has been useful. Our experience in Slovakia is very little because of the short time we have been developing Para badminton in our country. I am glad that I can be here, amongst people with the same interest.

- I really think we have come far when comparing ourselves with the other ones. It is much easier for us but we are still in the same position as the other ones. We have to find the para players, that is a problem for all of us. If we can help each other grow, we can do camps together and that will help us to get further.

Time for reflection—but also to have some fun
There was a lot of time for reflection and preparation for their final tasks at the 2021 BEC Para badminton event today, but participants obviously took to the court to get some first-hand experience. 

Many topics were covered today at the Coaches Course today, from continuing with the wheelchairs to the exercises related to training with hearing impaired players. Kaity Hall and Anton Ivanov thoroughly explained participants they key things to take into account when delivering such trainings, and participants from the Administrators Course were also present to hear some valuable teachings.

It was the last chance for the Coaches Course participants to clear their doubts and understand better what they have learnt these last two days as their assessment day is tomorrow morning, on Sunday 29.

To take their minds off the tasks and upcoming assessment, all participants gathered at the end of the day to enjoy some fun activities on court. With some light-hearted head-to-heads, some four-against-four action, and many fun different matches, there was a fun atmosphere before the day to say goodbye to this year’s Para badminton event arrives.
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