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- Signing the MoU, in my opinion, is a must!
Date: 12/15/2020 12:49 PM
Published by : Alan Raftery
While fans enjoyed the competitive badminton on show at the EMTCQ groups across Europe last week, it was also an opportunity for Badminton Europe to strengthen ties with our Member Associations. 

Over the past months, Badminton Europe has worked on creating a new and fresh Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with each Member Association. In a short space of time, Badminton Europe is pleased to record 15 Member Associations already signing their MoU, with healthy ongoing discussions continuing with many more. 

An MoU is a legally non-binding agreement that outlines details of a mutual understanding which highlights each side’s requirements and responsibilities.
The process of building these documents and the eventual implementation of them is crucial to developing strong long-term relationships. One such Member Association that is pleased with this progress is the Austrian Badminton Association. General Secretary, Tina Riedl, who was at EMTC qualification Group 3 in Linz, Austria, expressed her opinion on the new MoU.

- It is a really brilliant idea because we can make use of the resources of Badminton Europe. We are able to gain a lot of help from the staff which helps us to improve within the association across different areas. 

Getting more members
The MoU for each Member Association caters to their specific needs and aspirations. Unpacking the MoU for Austria, Reidl shares the main areas they wish to work on. 

- There are a lot as we always have to improve. In particular, we would like to work on communication through social media. Also, the development from junior to senior level, which is always a big topic. In addition, we are searching for a lot of resources to get people involved in Austrian badminton, for example using Shuttle Time to engage people, and in this area, Badminton Europe can help us a lot. 

Picking one major task for them in the future, Riedl states. 

- For us, the first step is getting more members. One of the initiatives in this is to improve our tournaments and rankings systems. 

- With the help of Badminton Europe, we will be able to get more videos, more interviews, more things that we can share with the Austrian badminton community, she adds. 

We are ready to cooperate
Austria is one of the founding members of Badminton Europe back in 1967 and Tina Reidl is keen to communicate that it is the constant effort put in that keeps this flame flickering. 

- It [the strong relationship] is also a little bit my fault. For the last three years, I am in two Badminton Europe commissions, so I am always arriving back home with a lot of information and I push our association that we have to do certain things. I think this is the key to why we are ready to cooperate in this way. 

Tina Riedl ends by sending a message to all other Member Association who are having discussions around the MoU and aligning it with their vision. 

- I just have to motivate them to also sign the MoU because you can only benefit from it. Every association is working on certain topics, so this is a great way to work towards those projects. Signing the MoU, in my opinion, is a must!

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