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Cristian Savin: No doubt that it has been a good decision
Date: 11/29/2020 1:09 PM
Published by : Alan Raftery
Moldovan player, Cristian Savin shares why he moved to Denmark to train in order to pursue his badminton goals at the Centre of Excellence.

Badminton Europe’s Centre of Excellence (CoE) has the vision to provide a high quality and aspirational training base for talented and deserving players from all over Europe. This is exactly what attracts many players from countries far and wide, including Cristian Savin from Moldova.

Representing Moldova, Savin in fact moved to the Czech Republic where he plays in a club there. However, as he explains, he wanted more.

-I decided to train at the CoE because I don’t have that many possibilities in my club in Czech, sometimes we have got sparring from Indonesia, but it’s usually just for three months and then they have to leave because of their visa. So, I am really happy that I have such an option to practice in Holbæk with a lot of players. 

Players from all over Europe, and also the world come and train at the CoE, and for Savin, this is exactly what he needs to develop, especially as it allows flexibility for his academic pursuits.

-There is no doubt that it has been a good decision, as I still study, so I have to go home once in a while and do exams in school, but I try to come to the Centre as much as possible. In the future, I would like to come more and more often.

Savin has had a challenging year in terms of fitness, scoring some in-match withdrawals. However, his most recent match against French number one, Brice Leverdez in Portugal will fill him with promise. Forcing three games out of the eventual title winner. 

-I think that especially in the past month of my practice here I was trying to work on my back forehand court and it has improved I’d say, but there is still plenty to work on, that’s for sure.

Savin would love to build-up to the heights he experienced in 2017 while still a junior. Featuring in five tournament finals, and coming away victorious at the Swedish Junior, Cyprus Junior and Slovenia Junior. 

What is it like to be a CoE player?
-It is amazing that we have our own rooms with our own kitchen and shower. When I look back in time, that a year ago we had to have a shared kitchen and bathroom, I think that is a big bonus. Also, it is really good that each time here there are different players from different countries, which allows us to practice with different playing styles.

Savin comments that he honestly cannot think of any drawbacks of training at the CoE, and says the vibe amongst the players is quite friendly and everyone is having fun on and off the court too.

The facilities on offer for the players is a strong feature of the setup.

-I really like the look of the hall, it is a nice hall, with nice courts and also I really like the gym, because it is very big and there is an option to strengthen every muscle in the body with many different machines.

After working hard throughout 2020, Savin is looking forward to hopefully being with my family and having a nice time with them. Then it is preparation for the inevitably busy 2021.

-After the holidays I am hoping that the schools get opened so that I can go to school for a number of days and then I have a plan to play the Swedish Open and Iceland International. By the end of January, I’d like to come back to the CoE! 

For more information about the Centre of Excellence and to register interest, click here.

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