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Martina Repiska: It has been the right decision
Date: 8/11/2020 10:11 AM
Published by : Emilie Sommer (BEC)
Slovakian singles star joins Centre of Excellence after becoming member of Badminton Europe's Athletes Commission. 

At the age of nine years old, Martina Repiska started to play badminton in her hometown of Zvolen, and just three years later she began to play international junior tournaments. 

The Slovakian women’s singles player decided back in 2015, that she wanted to move to Denmark. But why? And how long is she planning to stay?

- I have been coming to summer trainings to Odense Badminton Academy since 2011. After graduating the High School in Slovakia in 2015, I decided to move here. The reason was simple – I was seeking out opportunities to grow as a player, and the whole environment in Denmark offered me great conditions. Alongside, I also went to the University, got a bachelor’s degree and will hopefully finish the Masters within the next year or two.  

Moving abroad can be quite intimidating. Commenting on whether it was the right decision to move to Denmark, she says. 

- Yes, it has been the right decision, no doubts about that. I became independent at an early age and realised who I am and what I want to do in my life. 

Athletes’ Commission
Repiska became a Commission Member back in February. Kai Schaefer from Germany, Commission Chair, and Richard Perot from France, Commission Member, form the Athletes’ Commission of Badminton Europe. 

- The reason behind being a part of the Athletes Commission is to be the link between us, the players, and BEC. I find this role being the right fit with my personality – I am fast-learning, love taking on challenges, finding solutions and bring new ideas. I am also a positive person with many healthy relationships with lots of players in and outside of Europe. Besides that, I am always seeking out opportunities for a personal growth and I thought this could be a good idea.  

The Slovakian player will be a part of the Athletes’ Commission until February 2024. Commenting on what she wants to achieve the next four years, she says. 

- It is a very new thing and right now I am just getting to know what the actual focus points are. I want to be effective, helpful and bring positive outcomes for both sides – players and BEC.  

- This could be the right start into my future career – perhaps one day I would be interested in having a greater representation in Badminton Europe or BWF. 

Repiska also joins the flourishing training set-up at the Centre of Excellence in Holbæk. 
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