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Laura Sarosi: Been there done that
Date: 6/11/2020 9:59 AM
Published by : BEC staff

Hungary’s top women’s singles player, Laura Sarosi, talks about the strange year it has been and her Olympic aspirations.

Sarosi, 27, makes a very poignant comment when discussing the current pause in the badminton calendar.

- I have learnt that always to plan for the fact that no plan ever goes according to the plan! I think it’s true especially for an athlete’s life which is really unpredictable and depends on many things. But right now my plan is to change many things in my game which I had no time before because of the qualification period and recover from all of my injuries, focusing on recovery and the mental part to be ready when the Olympics qualification starts again.

For everyone, this sudden change has been a challenge to get used to. For an athlete, being bumped out of a very rigid structure may even be harder to deal with. For Sarosi, she looks at the positive. 

- It was a bit hard in the beginning and totally had to change everything but to be honest I was a bit tired of competing all the time and who knows me they know I really enjoy training and since we are making many changes in my game I love that new version of me on the court.
And of course, I like spending the weekends with my family and friends in this no tournament period.

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Get what you work for

At the moment, Sarosi is 78 in the world and the 37th qualifier in the Race to Tokyo rankings, meaning it is still touch and go on whether Sarosi will be going to the Olympics. Speaking about her feelings knowing that she has to perform well every single time she walks on court to keep that position, she states.

- Right now I really don’t put any pressure on myself but we will see when the tournaments are coming. I have been training hard over the last two months. I do believe if you are dedicated you will get what you work for.

Sarosi has already represented Hungary at Rio 2016, where she was in a group with Canada’s Michelle and the eventual silver medalist, P.V. Sindhu. When answering if it makes her calmer knowing that she has already participated in the Olympics, she responds. 

- Of course! I have been there done that! I am already a one-time Olympian. I have been through a qualification period already and it gave me so much experience in every aspect.

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