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Mark Lamsfuss: My goals have not changed
Date: 6/7/2020 7:49 AM
Published by : Emilie Sommer (BEC)

Mark Lamsfuss, the German doubles player, is currently ranked as number 23 in the men’s doubles on the World Ranking together with Marvin Seidel. Next to the men’s doubles, he also plays the mixed doubles with Isabel Herttrich, where they are ranked as number 17. 

A Q&A with the German, where he discusses the current European men’s doubles situation, opportunities for medals at European Championships as well as ambitions and goals for the career. 

Looking at your and Marvin we have seen some good results from you. Especially, at the Worlds last year in Basel. If we look to the European level. How far are you from being a top2 pair? 

- I would not say that we are far away, but that the second place is divided at the moment. We need to be more consistent and flexible in our game and then I see us in front of Ellis/Langridge and Ivanov/Sozonov.

Would you consider you and Marvin to be a pair which can medal at the next European Championships? 

- Yes definitely. I think we already had the chance at the European Games, but unfortunately, we didn't take it. 

What is it that you guys are doing better compared to 1,5 years ago? 

- We worked hard on our weak spots every day and took our game to another level. 

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An absolute dream

What are your ambitions? 

- My goals have not changed. In the long term, my goals are to win a medal at the Olympic Games and the World Championships. 

All players want to win the Olympics and Worlds. But what tournament would you like to do good at if not mentioning these two tournaments? 

- There are two other tournaments that are among my favourite ones. To reach a final at the All England or Indonesia Open would be an absolute dream. 

 What does it mean to Germany that you now have a men’s doubles in the European top level? 

- I think it means a lot to Germany. We get a lot of support and I have to add that Germany has always been one of the top pairs in Europe in men's doubles. 

What is the next big goal for the two of you? 

- Our next big goal is the Olympic Games! We still have more than a year to prepare perfectly for the Games, provided we qualify, and the Olympic Games take place. 

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