Sao Paulo was hit by floods today (credit Mogi Interative Media)
Adverse weather adds to major disruption
Date: 2/10/2020 12:10 PM
Published by : Bobby Griffin (BEC)

Record levels of rain compared to recent years have caused flooding and a red alert warning has been issued in Sao Paulo, meaning more delays to the Brazil Para badminton 2020 international.

The tournament was already coping with major disruption after a last minute venue and accommodation change, as a preventative measure in light of the Coronavirus outbreak. 

The Brazilian Badminton Confederation in conjunction with the Brazil Paralympic Committee moved the tournament on Saturday night, less than two days before the start of play. 

Whilst some group stage matches have been started, many players and staff are currently stuck in less than ideal conditions without means of reaching the venue today and it is unsure what will happen for the rest of this week in Brazil.

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‘We do not know what’s going on right now’

We caught up with SH6 men’s singles world champion Jack Shephard about his week so far in Brazil. He had this to say this afternoon

- It was quite disappointing to hear once we had landed that the hotel and venue had been changed. We didn’t know why for a long time, and the new hotel had no rooms ready for any of us for hours.

- The rooms had a small camp-bed and one normal bed, and I don’t know how they expect a player to sleep on that whilst competing for a week. Some players from different continents were forced to share without ever meeting each other before. It’s very difficult right now

- I am not due to play today, luckily, but many are. At breakfast this morning we met players who had been sat in the lobby for hours, waiting for transport for an 0830 match, that still hasn’t been played. 

- The river near us is so high. Cars have been abandoned on the roads and bridges, it's mayhem out here. 

- Some players are in a hotel only walking distance from the venue, and if a match can go ahead then it is being played if people can get to the venue.

- We don not really know what’s going on right now, and don’t know what’s happening down there. It’s all word of mouth.

Look out for updates from the Brazil Para badminton International 2020, see tournament software here for draws and results. 

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