Holden: My big goal would be to become the number one in England
Date: 10/11/2019 12:50 PM
Published by : Emilie Sommer (BEC)

Abigail Holden, an English women’s singles player with big dreams.

Badminton Europe recently spoke to Abigail Holden about some of her goals and dreams in the future and where she sees herself now.

- I am just trying to improve my game, play some tournaments, improve my ranking and try to challenge the top girls in Europe. That is my main focus, Holden said.

- My big goal would be to become the number one in England. That is my main aim. And start to get to late stages in these tournaments. Obviously it is hard at the moment because there are so many strong players because of the Olympics. But I would like to challenge for some medals at the tournaments, she added.

The Commonwealth Games
The Commonwealth Games are a big thing, especially for the English badminton players as it is held in England next time (2022 in Birmingham). This also applies for Holden. 

- That is definitely a goal of mine as well. I would love to compete in those games. 

- It is quite a prestigious tournament in England and especially in badminton terms. I think it is a tournament that English players aim for. A lot of the top nations are not playing it, so English players have a chance to do well, she mentioned. 

- In the short-term, obviously I would just like to qualify, but in the long-term my aim would be to get a medal in it. 

The Olympic race
The tournaments are getting stronger, while the players are trying to improve their rankings as much as possible towards Tokyo 2020. 

- It is quite nice, because it means that all the top players are in the tournaments I am playing. But it is not something that I am involved in.

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