Cathrine Rosengren in Canada earlier this year (credit Badminton Photo)
Rosengren injury doubt
Date: 10/13/2019 11:22 PM
Published by : Bobby Griffin (BEC)

Denmark’s Para badminton number one Cathrine Rosengren is doubtful to feature next week at her home tournament.

The Denmark Para-Badminton International begins on Tuesday in Odense, the same calendar week as the Denmark Open. Some bad news for the home nation is that SU5 women’s singles player Cathrine Rosengren is doubtful to play due to a knee injury.

Rosengren suffered the injury in the latter stages of the World Para-Badminton Championships in August. Unaware of the seriousness of the injury, the SU5 world number three has played on, in some pain through September, eventually having to pull out of the recent China International in the semifinals.

Now back home and with a real opportunity to assess the injury, there is a good chance the Dane will withdraw from the upcoming tournament which can impact her Paralympic qualification prospects.

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‘I have been in a lot of pain’

We caught up with Rosengren to hear what happened at the World Championships, and talk about how the injury affects her tournaments this year: 

- I dived for the net and to be honest that isn’t a skill I’ve trained for. I injured my knee, after the game I had a lot of pain and swelling. It was stiff and I struggled to walk after, I wasn’t able to train after the World’s for a few weeks, it was painful even when resting.

We asked her how it affected her during September with back to back Para badminton internationals in Asia, with world number one Ayako Suzuki (JPN) and number two Yang Qiuxia (CHN) vying for ranking points:

- I was in a lot of pain after the final in Thailand against Suzuki and then struggled on in China. I knew I had no chance of beating Yang when I’m injured, it made sense to withdraw from that semifinal, she said.

- I wasn’t aware how bad it was until I got home from the recent tour in Asia and I saw specialists and started physiotherapy. I had an MRI scan and there is a problem with the bone and the cartilage that needs to be repaired, Rosengren added.

- It’s frustrating that I can’t train. I was in a good place, my training before the World’s was great and when I played against Yang I could feel the improvements, so it is very annoying that I can’t practice now. It is an injury that I cannot improve with physio, right now it needs rest and for the cartilage to heal. I have ongoing medical appointments and may need surgery, she mentioned.

‘It is really bad timing, but I hope to be back on top soon’

We asked Cathrine Rosengren how she feels about the injury and the timing of it, with more Paralympic qualifying events left in the calendar:

- I am worried to be honest. My dream is to make it to the Paralympics and I hope this doesn’t interfere with that plan in a major way. And of course I haven’t been able to beat Suzuki or Yang yet this year so I really wanted to play in China and think I had a chance there, stated the Dane.

- Denmark is in doubt, I have to talk more with the doctors over this week first. I really hope to play of course, especially at my home tournament. And Japan is only a few weeks away and it's the test-event for the Paralympics next year so I really want to play, it is an important tournament to go to, she added.

- It is really bad timing, but there is a long break after Japan so I aim to be back on top soon, concluded the world number three.

We wish Cathrine Rosengren a speedy recovery.

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