European stars at CoE men’s singles camp
Date: 10/3/2019 2:47 PM
Published by : Rasmus Bech(BEC)

A number of the best European men’s singles players are currently practicing at BEC's Centre of Excellence in Holbaek, Denmark.

In spring 2019 the women’s singles camp at the Badminton Europe Centre of Excellence was a big success. This week the men’s singles camp takes place and European players who are ranked in top 100 on the world ranking were invited.

- This is a chance to adapt to a lot of different styles of play. The style of the training is a bit different. Here we have shorter exercises and a lot of changes, but I like that, Austrian Luka Wraber stated.

Hope ‘the guys’ return
Felix Burestedt is one of the players who live at CoE on a daily basis, and he is happy to see that players from all around Europe are joining the centre for practice.

- It is really great to have new sparring partners. It is fun, and it is very good practice, the Swedish men’s singles said.

- I hope that the guys enjoy it and that if they have some period of time during the year where they do not know where to practice, they would come here. This is a good week for me.

Back at CoE
When Polish Michal Rogalski is not travelling, he joins Centre of Excellence as one of his training environments.

- Changing environments has always worked very well for me in the past so I am looking forward to coming here and sparring against better player than me, he mentioned.

- My level has increased. The speed of the rallies is higher than what I use to play. The camp is very nice. We work three-six hours per day, so I am very happy, the Polish said.

Badminton Europe expects to organise the second women’s singles at a later stage.

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