New names at the Centre of Excellence
Date: 9/20/2019 10:30 AM
Published by : Lilit Poghosyan
As the BEC Centre of Excellence has been moved to new facilities in Holbaek Sportsby, there are more players joining the daily trainings. The CoE is expanding its geographical reach, inviting more players from all the continents to join the permanent players who are currently living and training together in the Danish city of Holbaek. 

Cristian Savin (MDA) has been training in the Centre of Excellence several times for short-term stays. Now the 19-year-old will start training at the CoE more often.

-It’s so much better when we have more courts in the hall. More players are joining the practice and there are lots of possibilities to do all kinds of exercise with the whole group. The gym is perfect, it’s really big, with lots of different machines to work on full body. It’s nice to have a swimming pool, where we can relax after the tough practice. 

Talking about the accommodation, where each player has their own apartment, Savin mentioned:

-It’s good to have your own kitchen, own bathroom and a television in the room. That’s a big improvement, compared to before. 

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Gayle Mahulette: Nice to be part of the CoE
Gayle Mahulette (NED) joined the trainings in the Centre of Excellence in August before leaving for Kharkiv International at the beginning of September. “It’s nice to be part of the CoE group”, the Dutch national told Badminton Europe, adding that everyone is very driven and motivated to improve. 

-So far I enjoyed my stay at the centre. I like the trainings a lot, we push each other well and I feel like we get good personal attention from the coaches, Mahulette explained. 

Talking about the differences between her trainings in the Netherlands and the trainings at the CoE, Mahulette mentioned having more women’s singles players and more sparring opportunities, which she didn’t have when practicing back home.

-I like the fact that there are so many different players from different countries, that we are learning from each other and that we all have a big passion for badminton. All these shows in the daily trainings and the mindsets that we have, Gayle Mahulette told Badminton Europe.

Yanakiev hoping to improve his game
Dimitar Yanakiev (BUL) will join the trainings at the Centre of Excellence for two weeks every month. Yanakiev has been a part of the Bulgarian national team for the last six years. 

Due to lack of sparring in Sofia, where he is currently training, Yanakiev made a decision to join the CoE.

- In Bulgaria I mainly practice with the girls – Linda Zetchiri and Maria Delcheva. There are more players and more sparring opportunities here at the centre. I am hoping to improve my game, that’s why I am here. 

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One-month stay for Iranian badminton star
Soraya Aghaeihajiagha (IRI), is one of the players having been given a scholarship due to the cooperation between BWF, Badminton Europe and Badminton Asia. She stayed at the CoE for a month.

-The trainings went really well, I liked everything about the centre. It would be nice to stay here longer as it’s a good experience to practice with the European players and coaches. I learnt many new things. I would like to say thank you to Badminton Asia and Badminton Europe for this opportunity.

- I like that we have an organized schedule, we know what time and what we are going to do beforehand, everything is well-disciplined. 

Two-months stay for Dmitriy Panarin
Dmitriy Panarin (KAZ), will practice in the CoE for two months. Talking about the differences between the training styles, Panarin told us:

-Everything here is very different from where I practice. Here, there is more work on court, focusing on quality. Back home we focus more on the physical condition. 

-I like the style of the trainings, everything is very well organized. We have a training program for every day of the week. There is good sparring, most of the players are of the same level, so there is a good competition among all of us. I can feel my game is improving. 

-I would like to practice here more and hopefully I will come back to the centre in the future. 

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