Easy win for Palermo and Delrue in the first round. Credit: Badmintonphoto
French ready to face the Stoeva Sisters
Date: 8/20/2019 8:56 AM
Published by : Rasmus Bech(BEC)

After an easy win on day 1, an all-European clash awaits in the second round in the women’s doubles category.

Lea Palermo and Delphine Delrue are dreaming big: They want to beat the best. The winners of Belgian International 2018 took a comfortable win in the first round against American Ariel Lee/Sydney Lee 21-5 21-6.

- We felt good on court. We played a serious game and we won easy, so we can only be happy about our performance, Delphine Delrue said.

- We knew that we had be patient and to get good vibes here. That was the main goal. We wanted to feel the hall and to feel that we could play our game. We feel comfortable although it was an easy match, and it is good to have that feeling ahead of a tough game, Lea Palermo added.

Next: Stoevas
In the second round the defending European champions will be the opponents for the young French. The Stoeva Sisters had a bye in the first round but they are now ready to make their comeback to the international stage.

- I think we have to play a really good match to win, but in my opinion we have the level to do so, Delrue stated.

- We can play our game. We can defend and use the big court, and we are just looking forward to the game against the Stoevas, Palermo said.

The French-Bulgarian clash will take place on Wednesday.

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