Kim Astrup (left), Anders S. Rasmussen (right), speaking after their match at the European Games today.
Danish Duo ready to fight
Date: 6/25/2019 3:22 PM
Published by : Aidan Jones (BEC)
Kim Astrup and Anders Skaarup Rasmussen might have set up a group final against possibly, Robin Tabeling and Jelle Maas from the Netherlands tomorrow.

The pair from Denmark beat the Italian duo, Kevin Strobl and Giovanni Grecco in straight games this afternoon, (21-15, 21-7).

Tabeling and Maas play later on today, against Milosz Bochat and Adam Cwalina from Poland, and depending on how the result goes, it could be an important match tomorrow between the Dutch and the Danes.

Astrup’s Analysis

Kim Astrup had no complaints about his performance with Anders Skaarup Rasmussen against their Italian opponents today.
- I am satisfied with the way we have played today, a solid performance and we managed to stay in control throughout the match, Astrup said.

- We are happy to be through with two wins so far, and maybe a group final tomorrow against Robin (Tabeling), and Jelle (Maas), he added.

Being ready and being the ones to watch

Skaarup Rasmussen speaking after the match revealed that the aim was not to lose points as the pair did yesterday.

- We have not changed much, we have been focusing on being ready form the beginning, knowing that yesterday, we lost a game, not being completely 100% from the start, which cost us some points, Skaarup Rasmussen said.

The pair have possibly got a tricky group final tomorrow against Robin Tabeling and Jelle Maas, but Astrup is only focusing on one thing.

- I will not go into details, but we need to stay in short leash on ourselves and keep control of our own game plan, Astrup stated.

- If we play up to our best, then I think we have a good chance, but they are definitely a very good pair, he commented.

Talking about being the ones to watch, Skaarup Rasmussen denied that it puts them under pressure.

- It is a different feeling, but not one that we are not used to. So, we will take it as a motivation to go as far as we can and play our best, Skaarup Rasmussen said.

- We have respect for our opponents across Europe, there are some good pairs, but we also know that they have to play their best to beat us if we are there, 100%, so that keeps us calm, he added.
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